350 k Call of Duty accounts banned due to behaviour, zero from boosting.

29 May 2021

The world of Call of Duty woke up in shock after activision announced that not 100 but 350 k players were banned in one stroke. The news was published by the company in the Call of Duty blog. Operation anti-toxicity was launched by Activision last year but it was early this year that it ramped up and locked on on the target. Few people expected so many accounts to be banned, in fact few believed Activision had the ability to fix the ongoing problem of bad behaviour in Call of Duty. Often called the most racist Battle Royale in the business, a lot of people trolled the game with racist names using the N word. Not only that but bad behaviour in general was deemed inappropriate. During Call of Duty boosting orders boosters had to at times even remove the sound from the game to avoid being provoked which as we know affects the ability of a booster to perform. Removing Toxicity from Call of Duty In the boosting market we have services like League of Legends boosting or Overwatch boosting that are plagued by the ongoing toxicity and racism in the gaming and esports community. Acitivision was having the exact same problem with Call of Duty. A lot of people that buy Fortnite boosting changed from the Activision Battle Royale to Epic BR for this reason. In the official Call of Duty blog we could find the following: “We are committed to delivering a fun gameplay experience for all of our players. There’s no place for toxic behavior, hate speech or harassment of any kind in our games or our society,” They also added the methods and they include: More resources to support detection and enforcement, additional monitoring and backend technology, scrubbing databases to bring systems up to current standards, consistent and fair review of enforcement policies, increased communication with the community. Call of Duty Cheats & Cheating While Call of Duty boosting has been proved to be safe over and over again bad behaviour and cheats aren’t. Activision took proactive measures against cheating and by April 2020 more than 70 k players had been banned from the game. Infinity Ward the company that produced the famous battle royale game had the following to say about cheating: “Last month we banned 50,000 players for cheating this month we banned 70 k cheaters will not have an easy time in our game” Stance about Call of Duty boosting Call of Duty Multiplayer boosting, Call of Duty wins boosting and all the other COD boosting services have remained untouched during the years and for a good reason. When it comes to COD boosters they take all the measurements to protect our clients. Years passed and boosting remained untouched and we could not be more happy with it since Battle Royale is a RNG game mode. People should be able to skip the RNG and have a professional booster unlocking certain objectives for them if they wish so. Lucky the company itself might have realized this and is targeting behavior and cheating issues which in my honest opinion are a much bigger deal!
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