Apex Legends best legends to use for begginers

19 Sep 2021

Apex legends is a never ending evolving game that has a huge boosting scene. The game has managed to stay relevant in the Battle Royale competitive environment as one of the top games and favorite by fans too. Expanding to PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and even with plans to reach Mobile. With so many new players, our Apex Legends boosting orders have escalated to a point where we believe it's justifiable to get our best Apex Legends boosters to advise which legends are best for beginners and which are not, and why some are good and others are not. Apex Legends is complicated at core because fuses FPS with MOBA / Battle Royale with Hero Shooter thus people that are new to the game and even like its looks suffer in game to progress much further or even finish top 10 or just get kills at all but trust me one of the reasons for this is the fact that people don't know which Legends to pick and which to don't pick we are here to facilitate that exactly and give you the best, so you can raise your win rate and survivability rate inside each match and not only for a short time but permanently, some advices if well given you will save your money and time! That's really truth about elo hell these days and Apex Legends boosting! Gibraltar the support that actual supports Gibraltar has been a solid character since the day it was released both in the hands of experienced players or in beginner players a support will always be a support. Gibraltar gets value for his kit but also ultimate ability since it can do damage to zones. Not only that but Gibraltar is also a tank with the Dome Shield saving Legends across the battlefield. In terms of complexity, any player can use this character, but that also means you will see Gibraltar the king of supports when it comes to Apex Legends being used more by enemies too. In terms of difficulty we cannot recommend this champion enough, it's simple to give it a try while Gibraltar does not fit the designation of "pub stomper" he is broken to a degree used the right way. Horizon the meta dominating Legend Horizon is a character that have dominated every meta since it was released, we cannot say like Gibraltar that she wasn't change a because she was. Not nerfing would be a mistake, but also this power is what made her so easy for beginner Apex Legends boosting clients and public. What made her and still makes her so strong is her gravity lift that allow her to get instant high ground and destroy whoever is in the lower ground. Hopefully this changes make her more fair, but also she is a strong character in any case! So don't worry about spaming Horizon it's still a great fun and broken in a good way she is no longer a pub stomper like our professional Apex Legends boosters like to call her, but she will be able to make a difference in every game, believe us we have completed thousands of Apex Boosting orders using Horizon up to this day!
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