Apex Legends big update in rank and arenas

30 Oct 2021

Apex Legends the famous arena-shooter battle royale is getting a crazy update for Season 11 of ranked play. Ranked is perhaps the most famous feature of Apex Legends, a game that is greatly popular amongst the battle royale fan base. EA is looking into making updates that will improve the overall rank experience. Lately a lot of customers asked how this will affect Apex Legends boosting and for now we cannot say it will or not only time will tell but will try to adapt to the circumstances. About these updates in ranked mode psyonix had a lot to say we picked up some of the most important parts of their report and it all came down to this: “provide more flexibility and nuance to how players can express skill when RP gains are at stake,” addressing two major issues: skill disparity between players in the same lobby and the total amount of RP that is possible to get from kills in a game.”

Kills ratio and fair ranks? What madness falls upon Apex Legends

People are panicking for no reason to begin with. These changes are meant to improve your experience, not to make it worse, so relax, sit back and enjoy! The rank of players in each lobby will be taken into account and assigned different values for kills, in order to create a fair match maker you need this. Players that are in a given rank and drop into the same match as another rank will pick up extra two points when they get a kill. Killing players will essentially give you more points depending on your opponent rating. Early in the game kills are worth 10 points but as the time goes one these values grow. You can go up to 20 points if you are a Gold Player killing an Apex Predator and the bonus works both ways too!!! The Apex Predator points will be decreased. If a high ranked player kills a silver it will get really low points. 

That doesn’t mean ranked lobbies will suddenly be full of players with drastically different ranks. Matchmaking will continue largely as it has before, but when those disparities in encounters do happen, players get compensated according to their rank. The new, more dynamic system rewards players who clutch up against strong opponents and ensures that high-ranked players don’t pick up a ton of kill points on players who are easy for them to beat.

Changes in Apex Legends Arenas and what to expect

Ranked Arenas did dramatic changes to its core values since the start but for a good reason the game mode is hugely popular so it’s normal EA tries to capitalize on that. Now you have two splits like ranked mode in the battle royale, and each split will require players to jump into new placement matches: 10 matches for the start of the season and another five after the new split. There was also a change that addressed players losing too much AP after a loss.

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