Apex Legends Global Series Prize Pool Reaches $2.5 Milions

04 Jun 2021

Apex Legends launched a global project to overtake Esports in 2021 with new features like Arena 3vs3 and now a major tournament that promises to be the best ever in Apex legends short history. With services like Apex Rank Boosting, Apex Achievements boosting, Apex Wins boosting and more, Boosting Market has had Apex since the very start and for a good reason. The hero shooter mixed with Battle Royale was a huge success overturning games like PUBG and even Fortnite in some countries and regions but also in boosting. We have elaborated an article to tell you everything about Apex Legends Global Series, we met with professional Apex Legends boosters and more. Stay tuned! Apex Championshipl reaches $2.58M EA has finally announced the prize pool of the first major Apex Legends event and fans are really happy with it. The number reached the 2.58 M mark but there is more to with. Eletronic Arts started by contributing with 1 M to the prize pool, the rest came from skins selled ingame although Dota 2 boosting International Battle Pass stats are widely available, EA did not disclose how many skin bundles were sold. The decision was made back in May when it was announced a portion of sales of the bundles (Mechameleon, Boared to Death, Wild Speed, and Silverback, and a bundle containing all items called Animal Kingdom) would revert to the prize pool. The timing was perfect, Apex is expanding on all platforms including mobile and it’s really walking to become the number one battle royale in the market although very hardly will beat the king of the all BR (Fortnite). All this news is reviving the game with pros from all games making a switch just for the money. We talked with booster “Boostingruizinho” about it and he had this to say: “I will be competing on this event and put Apex Legends boosting on hold” “That’s how big the prize is he added” remarkable words for one of the best Apex Boosters in the world. Apex Legends Global Series Tournament explained The tournament will have an offline and online phase for qualifying. In total 10 online tournaments, 8 premier tournaments and 4 major tournaments. The destribution is the following: North America Top 5 teams, Europe Top 5 Teams. South America, South Korea and Japan top 2 teams. Greater Southest, China, Middle East & Africa and AUstralia and New Zealand 1st place. Who has the best chance? We would be lying if we ignored that Europe and North America start this with an advantage. With teams liek Alliance and Gambit Esports from the EU side and NRG gaming and TSM gaming from North America side. These teams boost amazing Apex players and team synergy so they are strong contenders to take it all. Still APAC North and APAC South have some scary teams. If the rumours are right, we might have the best Apex tournament ever and the most competitive too. We will have to wait and see until there, you can try our Apex Legends boosting service, you surely won’t be disappointed by the results!
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