Apex Legends Season 10 start date. Apex Season 9 end date | Titanfall Hackers take down Apex Legends Servers | Boosting Market Apex boost services assured

04 Jul 2021

A lot of fans feel that Apex Season 10 is close but when is it coming exactly? Apex Legends Season 9 came on the MAY 4 2021 and was considered a major one. With the introduction of a new character and game mode, during this season Apex Legend also peaked in concurrent players on steam and number of boosting orders in our website. So the expectation for the new season as you can imagine. A lot of our customers have been asking so here is what we have. This was taken from Legacy’s Battle Pass fused with how Respawn usually handles new seasons. We believe August 3, 2021 should be the start of Season 10 and end of Season 9 but don’t quote us on this one. As Respawn have changed things like this in the past, predicting accurately is a nightmare. What will Apex Legends Season 10 bring? In terms of boosting services we are not thinking of adding new ones but right now we strongly advise Apex Legends rank boosting, Apex Legends wins boost and Apex Legends Kill Boosting as they all have a high return rate and the best ratio of quality/speed/price you can find in the market. Other than that rumors and Apex leaks have been made public. Recently we got to see pictures of a new map called “Overflow”. It’s an Arena map thus fans are going wild. Is it guaranteed that it is coming in Season 10? No. We will have to wait and see if it really comes out, Respawn might be teasing us with something that is not ready yet which wouldn’t be the first time. Titanfall Hackers take down Apex Legends Servers | Boosting Market Apex boost services assured Early in the morning catastrophe struck the Apex Legends franchise and fans are worried about their account information. Yesterday multiple servers went down in a massive DDOS attack compared to what you see in tv shows like MR ROBOT but in the real world! The attack apparently comes from a group that is protesting against hackers in Titanfall. It all started with thousands of PC Apex Legends players finding hacked playlists and notifications with a replaced and converted text mentioning Titanfall hacking problem. There is also a peculiar advertisement to SAVETitanfall.com, on this website you will see that the hackers and community overall is angry about Respawn's lack of interest in the state of TitanFall. They claim the game was abandoned and is now runned by cruel hackers that ruin the experience for everyone. All we can say from our side is that the safety of all accounts and services is assured. We have multiple orders of Apex Legends rank boosting, Apex Legends Achievements Boosting and more Apex boost services and we haven’t registered any occurence. It seems like the hackers are only interested in defending their game (Titanfall) and not really hurting Apex Legends player base, the main money cow from Respawn if we are going to be honest here.
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