Apex Legends Season 16 - Most Popular Legend Picks

24 Feb 2023

The first quarter of 2023 has been more than successful for Apex Legends. The big battle royale title from Respawn Entertainment continues to keep hold of its popularity. At the same time, the player community is also loyally following any new developments.

Because of that, the Season 16 content is already active in Apex and generating a lot of interest, especially when it comes to popular legends. While in many other shooter games, the same few characters might appear month after month on the most-popular list, Apex Legends players tend to choose from a much bigger pool of legends.

The current season brought about some interesting facts about those characters and the way players both professional and casual tend to pick them. But, there are also many other facts connected to the most popular legends that are all collectively building the current Apex Legends ecosystem.

Season 16 Rundown

Officially, Season 16 of Apex Legends got its launch on February 16, 2023. With it, the players got a range of changes and tweaks, including the ever-relevant nerfs of different legends.

A big change was the fact that Arenas were no longer part of the game. These mainly failed the expectation of Respawn Entertainment developers which is why they decided to remove the entire mode.

But, the players got a new assault rifle, which is the nemesis burst AR. The new weapon uses energy ammo and the idea of Respawn team is to provide players with an alternative to VK-47 Flatline and R-301, which have been dominant so far.

Interestingly, Season 16 did not bring any new legends to the players, but instead remastered the original classes. That brought about new perks and abilities to the selection of characters and a novel way of perceiving things like Assault class of legends - among others.

Season 16 promo poster.

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Importance of Apex Legends Pick Rates

In Apex Legends, the choice of characters and overall character pick rates remains one of the key metrics for the same gaming space. The reason for the same is that this battle royale title focuses on the use of characters and their abilities in an interesting way.

Unlike big team shooters, like Overwatch 2 for example, the choice of Apex Legends characters is not essential in their potential roles of support, tank, and so forth. But, unlike fully open and individual battle royale titles like PUBG, the game still rewards a level of ability synchronization inside of a team.

That is why top mobility based legend will combine well with a recon legend and a support-based legend. Together, that team will have a good potential to cover territory, but also get from firefights in one piece.

With this in mind, the most played legends show how the overall meta game of Apex is changing. In Apex Legends Season 16. The same principle stands as well.

Popular Apex Legends Character Across the Board

Aside from the need and benefits of synchronization in any given team or match, the most picked legends also include some individual elements. Those are the core set of legend's statistics, including things like speed, abilities, hitbox size, and so forth.

Furthermore, some of the top pick rates belong to special classes and types of legends. Best recon legend for example is not known, but for years, the spot is filled with just two or three characters.

In the current season, the same concept applies as well, even with the Respawn Entertainment team trying to shake things up. However, even with those changes, the popular legend options did not drastically change.

Most Played Apex Legends Characters for Season 16

On the question of what are the most played legends in Season 16, the short answer is that those are Wraith, Octane, and Pathfinder. But, if the statistics for the previous Apex Legends season is assessed, a very similar picture emerges.

So, the top spots are not that crucial, as much is the distribution of game's pick rates. It shows a lot more about the changes that the Respawn Entertainment developers introduced and how these appear to the players.

Statistics and Key Factors behind Apex Legends Most Popular Picks

Here is a full breakdown of each key sought-after legend in Apex Legends and what is making them popular for the players and professionals in this season.

5. Bangalore (6.1 percent)

Bangalore barely made it into the top 5 for this Apex Legends season. However, the placement is more impressive because of the fact that she did not get any big buffs in the ongoing season. Yet, she remained a very versatile character, especially thanks to her movement speed when under fire and the defensive potential of the Smoke Grenades that she packs. Respawn Entertainment also made sure that her ultimate ability remained a big crowd control measure and players still very much appreciate it in matches.

Bangalore on a scoped weapon.

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4. Bloodhound (7.8 percent)

Bloodhound is substantially above Bangalore in this season. While the same tracker is consistently in the range of 7 to 10 percent, the present content makes it even more useful as a recon legend. As a consistent pick, Bloodhound is also a valuable member of a team and a key player in offensive action. Here, the original ability of Beast of the Hunt remains a go-to tool for anyone looking to either scout ahead or strike with a lot of power against an unsuspected team.

Bloodhound on the hunt.

Source: www.charlieintel.com

3. Pathfinder (10.6 percent)

There is no particular need to explain the usefulness and the sheer fun of playing Pathfinder in Apex. This Apex Legends season did not change his overall level of popularity and it stands above 10 percent in terms of picks. Rooted in the center of the Recon class, the same robot can employ his Zipline gun and Grappling Hook to both benefit the player behind it and the whole team. With his potential, a team can easily escape a closing circle but also any situation where they are under fire from another team.

Pathfinder promo poster.

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2. Octane (10.9 percent)

There is a tiny difference between Pathfinder and the second-most popular pick for this Apex Legends season. That pick is Octane, with what many deem the ideal balance of defensive and offensive capabilities. In theory, he is an offensive legend, but the practical use of this maniacal character shows that his potential in avoiding or leaving a fight is also huge. Here, the Launch Pad ability proves crucial when the team along with Octane wants to change location and do it really fast. Few other legends in Apex can do the same.

Octane's celebration routine.

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1. Wraith (11.7 percent)

No one will be shocked by the fact that Wraith takes the top spot in this season once again. The same character is the absolute favorite in the game ever since it got its launch. The Respawn Entertainment team did not change any of her basic setup features for this season either. Her tools allow her to sense danger and become immune to damage for a short period. Finally, her ultimate ability to create portals is potentially a true lifesaver for any team that uses her. In Apex Legends Season 16, she remained the absolute favorite pick and the winner of the most popular legends pool of characters.

Wraith takind down an enemy

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