Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy: Release Date, End Date, New Legend Valkyrie, Mobile and more

25 Apr 2021

Apex Legends revolutionized the Battle Royale genre on February 4, 2019 when it came out. The game made by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA fused the Battle Royale style with the Hero Shooters genre used by games like Overwatch. The result is one of the best and biggest BR games in the market. Apex Legends boosting updates after updates was a must. Respawn Entertainment knows that a modern Battle Royale game that wants to keep up with Fortnite has to put content out constantly. Season 8 got a very good reception from the fan base that supports the game. This season introduced Fuse as the new Legend, the explosives expert bringed fresh air to the game and while he is hard to use it’s also very rewarding. The new punchy lever-action Assault Rifle “30-30 Repeater” also adds some long range alternatives to players. When is Apex Legends Season 9 Starting and Ending? Respawn Entertainment confirmed that Season 9 starts on the 4th of May 2021. The company that made the famous Hero Battle Royale shooter game did not give a date for the ending of Apex Legends Season 9, however we have reasons to believe it ends in August. Apex Legends seasons usually have a duration of 3 months, this one should have around the same time. New Legend Valkyrie To Apex Legends EA released a video explaining the past of the new legend Valkyrie that will come out on the 4th of May at the start of Apex Legends Season 9. The press release stated the following: "Daughter of famed Titan Pilot Viper, Valkyrie inherited her father’s love of flight, but not his sense of duty. In a heated moment with Blisk - where he speaks to “little Viper” (Valkyrie) with respect, challenging her to be better. With Valkyrie joining the arena, keep your eyes open for more Apex Legends news this week," Looks exciting to me! What will be Valkyrie motivations and lore? Stay tuned because more news will come out soon. Is Apex Legends coming to mobile? Apex Legends is a free-to-play game available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam. Now Electronic Arts has announced that Apex Legends will launch also in mobile. Regional Betas are expected to start in April. The game will be called Apex Legends Mobile and the feel and gameplay of the title will be as close as the PC original with the obvious adjustments for mobile. After the huge success of Call of Duty and Fortnite mobile we can see why EA is moving in this direction. How To Get Better In Apex Legends Apex Level Level Boosting was a hugely popular method our clients used during Season 8 to level their accounts. This leveling method allied with Apex Legends Rank Boosting was chosen by our clients as the best methods to improve during 2020. Of course other services like Apex Legends Kills Boosting and Coaching are also viable and should get you a head start over other players. Just remember that building a good muscle memory and learning how to use multiple Legends will also make you climb the ladder much more easily!
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