Apex Legends Teaser Season 10 Map Update and The moth and the Flame | Apex Legends Boosting News

16 Jul 2021

Apex Legends boosts regular events and updates it is no surprise for us to see quality content coming out of Respawn and EA but lately they have been unstoppable. We have witnessed the Battle Royale genre gaining more and more attention in the boosting world. Call of Duty boosting for example had rampant growth in the last 6 months on our website. Fortnite still remains as the king of the battle royal but today we bring you all the news involving not only Apex Legends boosting but also the franchise that has presented a new teaser full of secret meanings. We have compiled everything for you and also some of our personal opinions and leaks to the mix! Apex Legends Worlds Edge is shaking | Map alterations? Apex Legends’ season 10 teaser throws one of the craziest twists yet. Teasers, Leaks and sources say that the Talos arena might be getting an update, this would be the first since season 6. World's Edge is a map introduced in Season 3 located on the planet Talos. The map is full of references to the lore. According to the lore Talos was considered uninhabitable for many years but later it was colonized again. From ziplines to lava the map is bananas. Our Apex Legends boosters also consider it the best map in the game but a poll a few months ago proved that it is a cause for debate worldwide. Which is the best map in Apex? We can’t answer precisely depending on your taste. Will this update improve World's Edge? It’s hard to say but we believe boosting the map will help it overall. On the teaser you could hear “Whole world’s shaking. Finally got Hammond to run tests. Why is no one else freaking out?” It’s hard to decode this but we do know Worlds Edge suffered from a massive update in season six so we are confident it will be the same with this one. “The Moth and the Flame” sparkled the community theories and promises to be a game changer. Respawn Entertainment released a new short story and in there you can already see what is coming next. “Long ago, there lived a young princess who was blind,” the video recounts. “This pained the king and queen, so they kept the princess locked in her room to keep her safe from the dangers of the world.” The famous developer Chad Grenier already referred to this new legend as a “he”. So fans are already doing speculation of what it can be. This tale did sparkle the community with the participation on the official Apex Legends reddit growing by the thousands. This event will boost Apex Legends even further, remember the game moved to steam last year and already broke a peak concurrent player record, it is a matter of time before it starts competing with the top 5 games but we will have to wait until season 10 to find out what this is all about. Stay tuned for more Apex Legends boosting news!
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