Atlanta Faze reached the grand final of COD League Stage 4 | Call of Duty Boosting services expand.

20 Jun 2021

Reigning champions or not a winners bracket final is always a winners bracket final and going to this particular final that put against each other two of the best teams in the Call of Duty League 2021 (Atlanta Faze and Toronto Ultra) we knew a showdown was about to explode. Atlanta Faze ended up winning 3-1 and this is no small feat, considering that Chris "Simp" Lehr, the american team captain of the team has led his team to every major final during 2021 in the Call of Duty League. This team has already made 2.5 million $ with Call of Duty and if most predictions are right they will net 200 k more as they are the clear favorites to win it all! Call of Duty boosting is a reality for this team. Who is the Atlanta Faze team? Atlanta Faze represents Atlanta, United States in the Call of Duty League. It has dual ownership and the owners are Atlanta Esports Ventures and Faze Clan. This type of franchised spots are worth millions and millions. Reports tell us that the Paris Eternal Overwatch League franchise spot was worth more than 60 million euros and you know who owns both leagues? Activision. Both Overwatch League and Call of Duty League boost tremendous numbers and should keep boosting them as long as fans stay tuned for the games. Atlanta Faze has experienced players like Chris “Simp” Lehr and Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris, a team that has stayed since the very start in 2019 which shows commitment with the cause but most importantly a strong core and team that can keep winning titles over and over again. Who is the Toronto Ultra team? Boosting Canada in this league is Toronto Ultra, the team representing Ontario, Canada. This team joined the Call of Duty League and since then has made a great impact overall. It is owned by OverActive Media a company specialized and known for esports and video game entertainment formerly known as Splyce, a famous esports org. Toronto Ultra has had some changes since 2019. With the addition of players like Tboi “CleanX” Jonsson, Ben “Bance” Bance and Jamie “Craven” Insight. What do these players bring? Stability, good values and a differentiated skillset. Was it enough to beat Atlanta Faze? No. The team still needs more steam to do it, but these are surely good additions. Will they be able to bounce back in the Grand Final? I don’t think so. Boosting Market Call of Duty boosting services expand! We are now offering 7 different services that range from Call of Duty Camo Boosting to Multiplayer Leveling Boost and COD Wins Boosting. We have decided to expand our boosting pool of services for several reasons. Starting with our clients request we have worked out a way of having multiple different boosting options. We also more Call of Duty boosters in order to make our orders as fast as possible. Delivering the best fast & cheap call of duty boosting in the market.
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