Best League of Legends champions for Patch 11.9; TierList, League of legends skin Leaks, best builds, boosting and more

01 May 2021

League of Legends (LoL) was born in 2009 and since then has dominated the moba genre becoming the world's most popular online video game with 100 Million players every month. Riot League of Legends boosting in detriment of investing in other games was visible but in 2019 everything changed with Riot announcing it’s expansion to other games and platforms like mobile (League of Legends: Wild Rift) and even other genres some yet to be released like it’s MMORPG and the famous fighting game. Others titles already released and had huge success like Legends of Runeterra and Valorant. League of Legends became the most popular video game in the world but the number of players is not the only deciding factor. League of Legends Esports and League of Legends Division Boosting are both very enjoyable experiences and differ greatly from what you can experience in other games. Best League of Legends champions for Patch 11.9 Riot had their eyes in Reykjavík, Iceland when they dropped Patch 11.9. Every game dreams to have a diverse champion usage during a lan event, with the Mid-Season Invitational coming, tuning some of the champions cast was a must. The opinion diverges but this should boost League of Legends views during the event, it always does! Gragas is out of the picture but that brings Lulu and Shine to the spotlight for example. Lee Sin is also a strong pick for Patch 11.9 do not be scared with it's high skill cap, the mobility of this champion should be enough to compensate for it, just take the time and learn he is one of the best top laners in League of Legends at the moment. If you want an easier champion for Patch 11.9 you can try Morgana, junglers are hot at the moment. Morgana strong CC will give nightmares to the enemy team if used in good hands. Mid lane champions are for the strong of heart and because of that we advise you to play Talon. It’s low counter play and small mana cost should give you dominance whenever you play him. Lastly every team needs a support and Tresh is our pick for League of Legends Patch 11.9, it’s inability to escape as good as other supports might punish you, but it’s still a very well balanced champion for this time of the season. This is our tier list to help you choose the best champions by yourself but if you feel like trying League of Legends Division Boosting or Placements Boosting feel free to contact us! League of Legends Best Builds Why are builds important in League of Legends? Builds are essentially the items you buy for your champion during the game and the order you buy them. The runes and Summoner Spells are also critical to build the best build possible. There are hundreds of them and we advise you to research them online before you play competitive or even casual matches. This way you will play with the best League of Legend build possible. Another option if you do not want to have the trouble to go through learning everything by yourself online is our League of Legends DuoQ MMR boost, our booster will be ready to assist you with building the perfect build for you! League of Legends Skin Leaks It’s hard to get League of Legends Leaks but we had access to some and they involve one of the most famous aspects of the game.. skins! Riot is one of the best video game companies when it comes to content. New Leaks that emerged in the last weeks reveal that several champions are getting skins from lines such as Project, Star Guardian, Debonair and Crime City!
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