Best settings for CSGO in 2021 | What do pros use to game?

19 Sep 2021

CSGO is one of the oldest games in gaming and although it's quite famous in the casual and esports world it's not particular famous for its good optimization or easy access for newbies for this reason and because we have a lot of CSGO Boosting clients we have created a list with useful tips for your pleasure and gaming sessions! Optimizing your CSGO can go from the right resolution to graphic quality or console commands since it would be a great and never ending list we asked our professional CSGO boosters which are the most important and which aren't. Most players know that the best settings can help them win, but finding the right ones online is sometimes a pain to a point where people just give up and install other games. CSGO was one of the recent additions to our website for a good reason the game suffered a huge rise in the last times, and it's not as dead as people might think on the opposite the skin market have made the game simply huge and better, becoming worldwide famous for it's FACEIT boosting scene in the CSGO boosting world but also for its amazing esports scene! Best In game Quality Settings for CSGO in 2021 Most clients that buy CSGO boosting in 2021 have one question: What are the best settings? We at Boosting Market made the following list: Effect Detail - Low Shader Detail - Low Laptop Power Savings - Disabled Global Shadow Quality - Very Low Brightness - Depending if you use glasses or not you might have a different sensitive for light and brightness so this is very personal! Color Mode - Computer Monitor. Aspect Ratio - 16:9 is widely famous, so we can only recommend you that much, if you are comfortable with another go for it seriously! Resolution - Resolution is a hard topic and discussion worldwide, the fact that so many people use a different goes a long way to show that is a very personal choice. For this reason we cannot recommend one go with what fits you the best, and you will do just fine! Display Mode - Full screen for better frames in game Model/Texture Detail - Low Multicore Rendering - Enabled Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode - None FXAA Anti-Aliasing - Disabled Wait for Vertical Sync - Disabled Motion Blur - Disabled Texture Filtering Mode - Bilinear What DPI should I use and which mouse? Is higher better or worse? Well generally speaking a lower sense is better for CSGO. No matter what people tell you lower sense will be always preferable since it's a tactical shooter and therefore a slow game compared to Overwatch where yes Overwatch boosters sometimes use high sense, here at CSGO is very different. I would recommend something between 400 and 800 DPI that's a standard sense and will be enough for you to reach as high as you want in the matchmaking ladder or in Faceit. Although some people use 1000-3000 that's sometimes a marketing trick from mouse companies to sell "the most DPI the better" that's misleading and might hurt your gameplay a lot, so we do not advise you at all to go that way, just don't!
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