Best settings to improve your FPS in Apex Legends

01 Jan 2022

Apex Legends is a demanding game thus you must boost your FPS to take the best out of it. It's very comnmon for Apex Legends boosting pros to tweak their games to get the most out of the games!  People PCs start heating as soon as the game start because that's how demading the game is. The maps of Apex are very detailed so having the strongest hardware means nothing when you can't even keep the frames. Game graphic quality must be secondary if you want to take the most out of Apex Legends and that is exactly what Apex Legends boosting is a game where you must take the most out of it. Your monitor’s refresh rate must be at is fullest too at least 144hz in the Best Settings to Improve your FPS in Apex Legends by Boosting Market we will give you all the needed steps! 

Video settings

Lowering almost all the settings in your Apex Legends graphics is a must since it will take of the load off your GPU and will give you more frames than you had before something that will make you feel better and the game smoother.

Display Mode: Full Screen

Full-screen display mode is oblitaroy for this game since allows the game to render Apex and Apex only without stressing the machine itself. 

Aspect Ratio: Native

Resolution: Native

All these settings will make your game more enjoyable and playble from a competitive point of view this will reduce the number of pixels to render therefore your FPS will be increased! You can leave the brightness on since this will not afect you but take care of your eyes! 

Field of View: 90

Apex Legends boosting pros use field of view on 110 with the objective of seeing better an further that is a common thing to do in FPS competitive game. prefer setting their field of view to 110 since it allows them to have a wider vision. This also increases the number of frames that need to be rendered and causes your FPS to struggle in return. Ninety FoV offers the best of both worlds but we recommend tinkering with it to either gain more FPS or to see how much more FoV your PC can handle while giving yourself a competitive advantage.

V-Sync: Disabled

V-Sync doesn’t affect your frames but enabling it introduces input lag. In competitive games like Apex, even milliseconds can make a difference, so we recommend keeping V-Sync disabled.

Anti-aliasing: None

Texture Streaming Budget: None

This setting sets the amount of VRAM Apex can use. Though it may be beneficial to cap it if you’re streaming, we recommend letting the game run freely to get the highest FPS possible.

Ambient Occlusion Quality: Disabled

Sun Shadow Coverage: Low

Sun Shadow Detail: Low

Spot Shadow Detail: Disabled

Model Detail: Low

Effects Detail: Low

Impact Marks: Disabled

Ragdolls: Disabled

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