Blizzard cancels new Overwatch deathmatch map due to lawsuit?

The community, fans and the world of hero shooters and fps lovers has been waiting for a new Overwatch deathmatch map for a long time. The game has been under fire after a lack of new content and complete abandonment from the it’s mother company Blizzard. Malevento is set in what we believe is a destroyed italian sub-reality in the Italian republic mountainside and is the headquarters of the famous and evil Talon base, the main antagonist group of the Overwatch boosting lore. Talon is a terrorist organization and the main faction opposite to Overwatch it was created and supported right before the end and destruction of Overwatch and used this downfall to grow steadily due to absence of the HEROES such as Winston, Tracer and Mei.

Although it’s the first Deathmatch map added in a long long time.The fans of Overwatch are mad. Iit was just added to PTR not to the live server and according to some people it was done as in a kinda tricky way, rumors say it might be delayed because of the lawsuit regarding the frat boy culture allegation done against the company and it’s employees. The fans and general community of Overwatch also hate the fact it’s another deathmatch map and are trying to launch a movement to release a proper map instead. Blizzard hasn’t replied yet since they are under “Attack” in the court and have other duties to focus on at the moment. The company right now is in total silence and facing several critics among them women that feel their rights are not being respected.

Overwatch boosting flourishing during the crisis

This crysis is the worst in Blizzard history and some people even say the company might need several reforms before it even comes back. A lot of games like World of Warcraft suffered losses but Overwatch boosting has not registered a loss on the other end it has been flourishing. Services like Overwatch Rank Boost, Overwatch duo boosting, Overwatch leveling boost and even Overwatch top 500 boost done by professional boosters have been on fire lately. The fact is, you cannot blame the pro players in Overwatch League, Contenders or in Boosting websites for something the company devs might have done and again it’s just allegations so let’s wait for the trial to see how it ends and we hope our favorite company gets back on track and restructures its whole modus operandi before it’s too late!

Is the future of Overwatch 2 in jeopardy?

Yes and no, it’s complicated. Overwatch boost will never end, and Boosting Market will offer Overwatch 2 boosting too. Now the question is how is this lawsuit affecting Blizzard's capacity to finish the game. And will Overwatch 2 be delayed once again? That is the most likely scenario: the whole company did a shutdown for 1 day and fans across the world decided to stop playing some of it’s games. They cannot come forward and sell a new game like that, we will need to wait some time before everything gets back to normal.

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