Boostingmarket MSI 2021 power rankings

07 May 2021

Making a power ranking for League of Legends' first international event of 2021 it’s a feat by itself but at BoostingMarket we have decided to give it a shot. We have contacted League of Legends boosters from 5 different continents (South America, NA, Europe, Asia and Oceania) and they were asked to give their top 3. We then took the teams with the most votes and created this power ranking. Please have into account that we talked with professional League of Legends boosting specialists. Their field and expertise extends from League of Legends Division Boosting to League of Legends DuoQ MMR boost and far beyond These are the representants aliases their respective bio and ingame ranks: Asia PromotionBoosting is from Asia, he is a diamond League of Legends player with a 3 years boosting career. He gave 3rd place to PSG Talon, 2nd to Royal Never Give Up and 1st to DWG KIA. We can’t say we are surprised, an experienced League of Legends boosting asian expert giving the top 3 to asian teams! EU RankedwinEU is a famous League of Legends booster, mostly for delivering orders fast! This was his ranking: 3rd place to Mad Lions, 2nd to Royal Never Give Up and 1st to DWG KIA. Interesting choice putting an EU team top 3 don’t you think? South America BrazilGorila is a famous League of Legends Champion Mastery expert guess what.. he is from Brazil! This is his ranking: 3rd place to Mad Lions, 2nd to Pain Gaming and 1st to DWG KIA. Oh man I think he is in for a disappointment (All respect to Pain Gaming fans) NA EdwardtheGr8 started his League of Legends boosting career in 2014 after quitting his coaching job in a local soccer team. His ranking was: 3rd place to Mad Lions, 2nd to Could 9 and 1st to DWG KIA. EdwardtheGr8 vast experience in League of Legends coaching should be taken seriously, so I will believe this predictions. Oceania PlacementboostPT One of the oldest in the boosting game. Famous for League of Legends Placements Boosting therefore why he is known by that alias. He went with this rank: 3rd place to Cloud 9, 2nd to Mad Lions and 1st to DWG KIA Conclusions DWG KIA is the clear favorite from our pool of LOL boosting professionals. Most predict the korean team will take the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational title in Reykjavík Iceland. Followed by Royal Never Give Up, the chinese team has the respect from the fans although if you ask me, I do not believe they can do it. Coming in third Mad Lions seem to be hungry and their roar should be feared but do you really think they can take an event of this magnitude? I don’t think! Once again koreans will take the throne, that’s my call. So the official BoostingMarket Power Rankings are: 3rd place to Mad Lions, 2nd to Royal Never Give Up and 1st to DWG KIA. We hope you enjoyed this article and ranking in the company of our boosting experts. Thank you!
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