Call of Duty’s season 6 verdansk is getting blown blown

01 Oct 2021

New season is about to blow up if you know what I mean. Call of Duty main map verdansky is about to go bananas with a huge explosion everything points to that for months fans have built a theory that the map is about to go BOOM and everything leads that this is happening on the 7 of OCTOBER with Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 bringing tons of new features next week. On the official Activision site developer revealed a great deal of details that were secret before including leads that fed the fans narrative of the map exploding. Not only that but Warzone Boosting is also benefiting from this. A new map will bring more players to the game which will make the overall boosting experience more pleasurable for everyone. That’s the positive effect new patches bring and that’s what our favorite battle royale needs. In Fortnite Boosting and Apex Legends Boosting patches are much more common and thus those games end up having a bigger expression and importance in the boosting world at the end of the day Activision is the one to be blamed for it Warzone has a huge wasted potential let’s hope that changes with this patch. Changes that matter in a never dying game: Several changes were made. We listed the most important. We will start with the map changes and they are the following: New Points of Interest - Fissures crack open the Stadium and Downtown; strange and previously unknown WWII-era bunkers are revealed New Gulag - A return to a familiar 1v1 combat arena Regiment Transition Begins - Update your active Regiment by October 5 prior to a freeze to prepare for shift to the new new Group Clan system Zombies are getting their Final Chapter finally and this is great news for everyone: “Forsaken,” the Final Chapter of Black Ops Cold War Zombies - Experience the epic conclusion to Black Ops Cold War Zombies, complete with a new Perk, a new Wonder Weapon, new Main Quest, and more. Additional Zombies Updates - PhD Slider makes its debut, and the Hand Cannon and ARC-XD arrive as Support Weapons in Outbreak and round-based maps Treyarch Black Ops Cold War Zombies Recap - Prepare for a deeper dive into the events leading up to “Forsaken” from Treyarch Onslaught - Prepare for Onslaught Elite and the journey deep into Adler’s mind. New maps, new season, what are the great changes? Deprogram (6v6, Launch): Enter Adler’s broken mind in a wild map representing different fragments of his memories, stitched together for epic and surreal 6v6 combat. Use the Red Doors to travel between memories, setting up power positions and expert plays. Amerika (6v6, Launch): A secret military facility in the heart of the U.S.S.R., Amerika represents a Soviet facsimile of an American Main Street. Battle through a prop town featuring a pizza shop, theater, and Burger Town mock-up. Gluboko (2v2 and 3v3, Launch): Fight in small team operations in an underground vault beneath KGB headquarters. Expect fast-paced, rapid-fire engagements as fights spill out around the main briefing table.
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