Call of Duty’s “The Haunting” event

25 Oct 2021

With 31 October comes Halloween and with Halloween comes in-game events. From Overwatch to Valorant to League of Legends, Halloween events are common worldwide and often include boosting orders with them. This year is no different.  "The Haunting" is already underway and has many new modes including Ghost of Verdansk, a mode that fans have been dreaming of for a long time. The even is spooky scary and what you would expect from a seasonal halloween event the Haunting” arrived to Call of Duty and is truly stunning. 

How long does The Haunting Halloween event last?

The Haunting will be active from October 19 until November 2 throughout Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

What is the “The Haunting” and how to play it? 

Black Ops Cold War entered the 2021 Halloween with multiple new modes for multiplayer and zombies challenges inclunding: Infected, Prop Hunt Halloween and Scream Deathmatch.

Infected players defend and hold survival mode against a big wave of zombies that are trying to infect them. If you played Left 4 Dead you will be familiar with it. 

PropHunt is a game in which you have to become a prop or a hunter. The props are disguised as objects around the map and merge with the environment. This year PropHunt Halloween’s objective is hiding Halloween Props from Hunters in-game. 

Scream Deathmatch is the most standard of all and allows two players to become Ghostface to search and eliminate the other unarmed players.

What is Ghost of Verdansk and how to play it? 

Warzone is not messing around with the “Ghosts of Verdansk” theme mode. Instead of the typical Gulag players eliminated spawn as ghosts. They have supernatural abilities that allow them to travel long distances and troll operators and vehicles. Really really fun mode if you ask me! Not only that but if an Operator dies his soul gets left behind. 

What are the rewards for doing this? 

Well here is the catchy thing. If a ghost manages to collect three souls he respawns as the original Operator. But you can also spawn with the Finishing Move if you execute it precisely. 

Available Halloween Skins and Rewards in this year's 2021 event?

There are new challenges in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War that offer 19 different rewards. The biggest reward is unlocked by completing all missions.

There are five different bundles for the season, which all let you dress up for Halloween:

Ghostface from Scream

Frank from Donnie Darko

Necro Queen Reactive Mastercraft

Disciple of Mayhem

Lumens Maxis

How to dodge and avoid ghosts and will Call of Duty Boosting be viable during this type of event? 

If you want to run from ghosts look for territories that are marked in blue! Since sanctified grounds prevent ghosts from entering. Remember to pay attention to the fear meter; it ranges from 0 to 100 points! Being camped raises this so stay moving!!! Most of all just try and have fun, Boosting Market will continue with Call of Duty boosting during it’s festivities so just enjoy and have a great time we will too!

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