Crash and Restart - Warzone 2 and its Instability is Getting Hammered by the Gaming Community

16 Dec 2022

After a lot of excitement about the next chapter in the story of Call of Duty: Warzone, the new installment of the same series is finally here. Warzone 2.0 hit the player community with a lot of bang, which was to be expected from this hugely popular battle royale mode.

But, to the likely dismay of the developers, the release quickly began to showcase many problems. These ranged from minor annoyances to huge issues related to things like battle royale match making.

Unsurprisingly, the response of the player community has been brutal and overwhelming. But, the developers of titles like the Modern Warfare series should, by all accounts, successfully tackle these setbacks.

Warzone 2.0 characters in action.


Multitude of Technical Problems

The free-to-play game mode that is Warzone 2.0 took only days to become a hotbed of comments and complaints. Over a course of days, the number of negative reviews on Steam skyrocketed and now includes a big selection of problems that the players faced.

The biggest one is the sheer fact that Warzone 2.0 game mode is very unstable. The game kept crashing for many players, including those who have a strong hardware configuration on which to play the same game.

Right behind this problem was the anti-cheat system that the developers included in the new release. It alone steered up a lot of resentment among the Call of Duty players, giving rise to a new collective level of anger.

Anti-Cheat Mechanism

In all Call of Duty competitive releases and their game modes, the problem of cheating is a big issue. This can be a relatively small annoyance for novice players, who might simply believe that their opponents are using armor piercing ammunition or possess armor plate carrier upgrades.

However, for more advanced players or even professional gamers, cheating is a complete nightmare. With advantages like aimbot scripts, cheaters are able to have the same weapon as anyone else in this particular game mode and still win all of the time.

Modern Warfare games were plagued by cheating problems and so was Warzone as well. Now, Warzone 2.0 decided to deal with that issue and make sure that the system elements track weapon progression and do anything else needed to avoid cheating.

But, the system has so far shown itself as more than malfunction - it has been positively destructive to many players. This included banning players who did nothing wrong and who now have to fight with the game's administration to get back to their battle pass menu.

Developers will have to fix the same problem in this battle royale sequel. Otherwise, the competitive process might be impacted negatively for months to come.

Looting in the Top Tier Battle Royale

Another big issue in the setup of battle royale experience in Warzone 2.0 is looting. Anyone holding a CoD Warzone battle pass tokens knows that the amount of loot they can gather will impact how they finish a particular match compared to the enemy team.

Because of that, players are presently more than frustrated how looting works for the new game. The issues here break down into two categories.

First one is related to problems that players have when they loot for a particular thing. The other is that looting is like much of the game and full of diverse bugs. Both demand that developers make sure this gets a battle royale fixed issue status very soon.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 promo poster.


Modern Warfare Experiences

The reviews initially for Warzone 2.0 might be less than flattering, but there is also a much bigger and totally silent part of the gaming CoD community that is clearly happy with the game.

Yes, the technical problems like issues causing parachute deployment or incorrect controller input are something that will frustrate anyone. Chances are that the team behind the game is even now working to give the players fixed collision issues.

But, even with those technical downsides, the new Warzone is still offering a lot of fun to its players.

Exciting Game Mode

The positive reviews focus squarely on the fun that is to be had in the game. That covers new additions like new weapons and maps are great and add even more excitement to the game.

Here, gamers will get a chance to celebrate eliminated player opponent teams, explore looking for loot, and do much more. While that might not be the most prevalent topic on social media, the huge Call of Duty community is nonetheless there to enjoy the new version of the game.

Lethal and Tactical Equipment

Like always, a huge element of Warzone 2.0 will be the weapons and gear that the players get and loot over the course of the matches. This includes contraband weapon types, custom skin variations and much more cool in-game items.

So far, the new version of the game appears to be working well in that regard. There are no incorrect weapon issues that the community has been aware of and the same goes for gear.

While there are for example, various audio related issues that are being mentioned, the key domains of weapons and tactical gear are working well. That is a big relief for the development team for sure.

CoD Fun to be Hard

Generally speaking, the Call of Duty games always perform either great or very well. Those examples that point to the contrary are very rare and did not have the power to completely mess up the great reputation of this competitive shooter series.

Additionally, the game more or less has very little in terms of competition. For so many gamers, the CoD series game remains both a primary and secondary source of gaming fun.

This means that a lot of people play both Warzone and games from the Modern Warfare series. Warzone 2.0 will most likely completely fit into that process, including the much anticipated DMZ mode.

However, the number of bugs and technical issues should be a clear wake-up call for the developers. Otherwise, they are risking not just players being frustrated by new features, but the possibility of Warzone 2.0 being the last game in the short Warzone history.

Working on Improving Warzone 2.0

The fact that the gaming community behind the CoD games brought the hammer hard on the latest game in the series is a very telling indicator. The developers will be unwise to ignore that fact and all of the signs are pointing towards a strong response from them.

That will likely include new patches and changes for in game interface, but also problems like the removed tactical camera visual, players that remain stuck in the anti-cheat system and much more.

So, the Warzone 2.0 community can expect a lot of patch notes in the coming weeks and months. However, that is by no means something that will deteriorate the status that Warzone has among FPS players.

Instead, the bug fixes will more probably only strengthen its position as the top choice for multiplayer shooters well into 2023.

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