Cream of the LoL Crop - 5 Most Played Champions in League of Legends Pro Play

09 Dec 2022

The meta game for the League of Legends professional players never stands still for too long. Instead, its developers at Riot Games go the extra distance all of the time to assure that the dynamic of the same title remains exceedingly high.

That is the main reason why this comparatively old game remains such a joy to play for so many gamers. That includes esports competitors who take on professional play matches as their full-time job.

During most of 2022, their choice of LoL champions was, like it usually is, beyond fascinating. The same process was followed by legions of League of Legends fans, who were more than interested in finding out what their favorite pros have as their favorite champion.

The list at the end of the year is both interesting and unusual, featuring nerfs as much as boosts. That is the reason why the most picked champions include some expected additions, but also a number of pretty off-beat choices for the most picked champion in LoL.

Exciting Year for LoL

The previous 12 months brought about some interesting developments for one of the most popular and beloved MOBA games on the planet. That goes beyond the issue of who was the most played champion, and covers competitive events as well, where each pro team had a chance to compete.

Of course, the near-end of the COVID-19 pandemic played a big role in the same process. After nearly three years of pandemic environment, restricted travel, and many other problems, 2022 saw the popularity of in-person events skyrocket back to the 2019 levels.

Once more, LoL teammates could gather for things like The 2022 World Championship, but also enjoy Season 12 of the game. It ended during the middle of November, but also brought a big promise for an even more exciting year to come, especially when it comes to most played champions in League of Legends.

Pro Play League and Competitive Play Stats

The Season 12 of LoL and its recap offers a range of interesting facts, including specific details about win rate of individual champions, as well as stats on bot lane, squishy champions, and other details related to the matches themselves.

Something very similar applies to issues of support roles for popular champion picks and the way the meta for the late game adapted for these champions. Also, the focus on the bottom lane was again a key element for many LoL analysts, while others focused on the top lane champion plays.

Overall, League of Legends did not see a massive disruption in terms of its meta game during 2022. The same applies to the most picked champion. Instead of a single overly dominant champion, the year brought several relatively equally popular options and one leader of the pack.

Riot Games Plans for 2023

Unlike the question of Summoner's Rift and 2022, it seems that Riot Games plans for 2023 are even bigger. The company plans to showcase its biggest budget so far and plans to hold no bars in terms of investing in the game.

Besides that, Arcane Season 2 will hit the small screens and a debut MMORPG is also being developed. These associated projects will only stoke the flames of popularity of the original game in the new year.

Nicolo Laurent, the CEO of Riot Games believes that the past 14 years has been an incredible journey for the same gaming studio. However, he also believes that the team has just as many years in the for the next phase of the LoL franchise.

LoL Meta Changes and K'Sante

There have been a lot of changes in terms of the meta game for LoL in the year so far. When it comes to champions, the launch of the much-awaited K'Sante was the biggest development.

He came about through a very high-profile collaboration between the developers and LiL Nas X. The result is the first LGBTQ and black champion in League of Legends.

But, the same did not offer that big of a dent on things like ad carry, laning phase, and similar very niche meta factors. That is why it did not enter the list as one of the most popular pick choices for pro players.

List of the Most Picked LoL Champions of the Year

The list of the most played champions in League of Legends consists of five champions. All of them offer an exceedingly useful set of abilities for any LoL team.

That is why their pick rate in all esports pro circles is high. But, things like flash kick and ban rate also played a part in the construction of this list. So, here is the selection of the five most popular champion characters.

5. Zeri

First of all, Zeri is also in the list of most banned champions in pro play, along with the most played marksman in the year. Those two factors are very important for the overall team win rate with the presence of this popular champion.

The developers tried their best to dim Zeri's glow using nerfs and other tweaks. None of them completely worked and the same champion remains nearly perfect for the late game phase.

Zeri promo poster.


4. Nautilus

As a support champion of the highest quality, Nautilus saw a lot of pro plays during 2022. His ultimates, just like his hook are great for anyone looking to pin down enemies.

At the same time, his ability to control a larger group of enemies is also impressive. In a balanced cooperative play, Nautilus remains one of the most played champions in the previous period.

Nautilus and his main weapon.


3. Viego

As a carry jungler, the path of Viego as a new champion in Lol was not easy. He initially had a very low win rate compared to other popular picks of the year.

But, with his ability to possess souls and abilities of other characters, he was also able to prove himself unrepeatable. Later, a nerf of durability allowed his strengths to increase further, guaranteeing his spot in the top five picked champions list.

Promo art for Viego.


2. Gnar

Gnar was and remains one of the most all-rounded and complete champions in League of Legends. That stems from his ability to switch forms.

His mini form offers mobility and kitability. His mega form, on the other hand, provides tank-like characteristics and also crowd control on a massive scale. That means that Gnar is basically two entities rolled into one and that remains a huge benefit in 2022 pro play matches.

Gnar inside of his mega form cabin.


1. Wukong

Wukong or the Monkey King is without any doubt the most iconic LoL player choices of the year. Overall, he provides tank benefits, high damage, and also a near-impossibility for the enemy team to take him out quickly.

Wukong remains thus the first pick for junglers of the year, similar to Lee Sin and Xin Zhao. But, the developers are more than aware of the same problem, so they gave him numerous nerfs, similar to Zeri. That did dim his popularity eventually but not completely. Still, even with those, he remains the most-picked choice for League of Legends character in 2022.

Wukong ready for battle.


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