CSGO team that qualified for Legends Stage at PGL Stockholm Major | CSGO Major hits 895k peak viewers

31 Oct 2021

With the challengers Stage concluded at the CSGO PGL Stockholm Major we now have the final list of teams for the Legends Stage! Games have been epic and players around the world are boosting the tournament views by a lot. PGL Stockholm Major peaked at 895k viewers and that’s really high for a preliminary stage. This high audience numbers show that CSGO fans were waiting for a major for a long time. After a 2 years wait due to the global pandemic everything stopped now that a S Tier event on lan is back everyone just wants to enjoy it and have fun. And take care the numbers will only go higher as the tournament advances. The day finished with Astralis the Danish team beating Team spirit and claiming the last of the available spots at the Legends Stage of thePGL Stockholm Major. These numbers have only grown the attention that CSGO Faceit boost got in the last years and to the CSGO boosting community this couldn’t go better. 

The new challengers swiss system how did it go? 

Faze Clan and Copenhagen Flames dominated the oppositions both getting 3-0. ENCE, Entropic and Virtus.pro performed well enough to go through. For Heroic, Astralis and Mouz it was really close but it is what it is! All teams play good and to be honest seeing BIG, Team Spirit, Movistar Riders, Pain Gaming, Renegades, Tyloo ( the famous chinese team), GODSENT and even Sharks Esports at the global stage for just this time was a shame but groups were made in a good way I’m not criticizing the structure please don’t get me wrong I am just saying that I wanted to see more and I didn’t.  

Legends Stage breaking all records? Who are the favorites? 

Here is the list of teams in the Legend Stage both qualified and invited

Natus Vincere


Ninjas in Pyjamas

G2 Esports

Team Vitality

Team Liquid

Evil Geniuses


FaZe Clan

Copenhagen Flames







It’s hard to call a favorite here but if we have too it would be NAVI or Gambit. Other teams like Furia, NIP and Vitality are looking sharp so this really will come down to the team that prepared the major the better. Right now we are entering a new era for CSGO with rumors of source 2 not coming out like before and the game not being updated as often this tournament will be super important for the future of the game. Can CSGO, a game that dates back to decades, really keep growing and getting new fans? Can the lack of content and investment from Valve in the game be deadly and ultimately kill the game? I don’t know. For now the number of people within the scene that are finding CSGO boosting everyday is growing for sure but this is the word by word passage the message effect. CSGO Faceit boost is effective so people share the word with their friends and that’s how we were able to build this huge CSGO boosting community! 

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