CS:GO Teams Finalized for PGL Major Stockholm 2021

12 Oct 2021

With the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 confirmed in Sweden after a lot of political pressure from Swedish ministers and esports athletes the battle was won and the major will be played in Avicci arena something that made fans really happy with the return of the great tournaments in Scandinavia . The RMR (Regional Major Rankings) concluded it’s time to see which teams have the highest chances of winning the CS:GO PGL Major Stockholm 2021. To choose the favorite CS:GO team to win it all from this lot would be hard. The 24 teams are strong, prepared and advanced in their mechanics and tactical knowledge. The 24 teams are divided in three categories: Legends, Challengers, Contenders; they all fought for circuit points in the RMR leaderboard. The system got some critics from the fan base since several regions in the world are not represented in great numbers. On the other hand there are games like League of Legends or Valorant where all regions are included and that’s exactly what fans are already asking for next year.


Contenders: Copenhagen Flames FaZe Clan GODSENT Virtus.pro Entropiq Sharks Esports TYLOO Renegades 


Challengers: Astralis ENCE BIG Movistar Riders Heroic Mousesports PaiN Gaming Team Spirit

Legends: Ninjas in Pyjamas Team Vitality G2 Esports FURIA Esports Team Liquid Evil Geniuses NAVI Gambit Esports


NA CS:GO the downfall is dead?


No doubt CS:GO suffered a lot from covid and Valorant release most pros went to Valorant and so did orgs, it’s a game with much more opportunities so the traditional CS:GO orgs said goodbye to the old fps game from VALVE. The level in NA is now weaker but still NA is NA teams like FAZE and Team Liquid should give a challenge to the rest of the world if they play their cards right but only time will tell. We will have to wait and see what NA brings to the table this year.


EU CS:GO future will be decided in the next months

Europe didn’t suffer as much with covid and valorant release as other regions but still the impact was done and orgs registered few waves of investment not only that some european CS:GO pros also retired or moved to Valorant. CS:GO boosting in the other is growing and growing which is a sign the community is healthy and looking to play it’s only the orgs that don’t have the money to bank the teams, for now we will have to wait and see what will happen but I think this major is going to Europe this year they are in fact the strongest region in a long time nobody can challenge their dominance even with less investment


Brazil to make waves in the international scene 

With a record number of players and Brazilian teams in a major, Brazil has reasons to smile. The boosting scene is flooding and so is the esports. This is a scene that is full of young talent and organizations. Right now the brazilians are leaving the dream of their lives

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