Destiny 2 reaches a critical vault space once again community complains | Destiny 2 Patch Notes

14 Oct 2021

Destiny 2 boosting has been skyrocketing these days and with it and people gathering and stacking more and more Trials of Osiris rewards items are stacking up to a point vault space is reaching once again a critical situation. People have asked Bungie for more vault space and this is not the first time, this is an ongoing debate that has been going on for a long time both in the general community and in the Destiny 2 boosting community. Right now this is the best time to do it as I said earlier with so many changes on the way if Bungie does not do it now then when? Currently we have 500 vault space slots which by normal player standards sounds like a lot but it’s not. Destiny 2 players' vaults are always full and maxed out and this is unacceptable, ruins the game experience too for everyone and might even make people stop playing the game.  

Destroying the sunsetting the patch the game needed 

According to Joe Blackburn in his state of the game notes Sunsetting is dead. Like fully dead. Effectively immediately everything you have that is not already capped will never be capped. The whole concept will be killed to put a new one more friendly, sunsetting is really ending after all. The Destiny 2 dev team realized how rewards meant nothing nowadays and in a game which the business model depends so much on trials and other systems of money grabbing the casual audience losing interest in putting money in the game was always seen as a problem from Bundgie. The company is looking for other ways to maintain the game balance which includes some nerfs like Felwinter and Warmind cells. 

Destiny 2 Update 3.3.1 what changed what still needs to be changed 

On October 12 of 2021 a new patch line went live on the main servers of Destiny 2 Patch 3.31 wants to break boundaries and make fans happier than ever but what changed in trials you may ask? Let’s start from the beginning. 


Currency rewards lockout at three, five, and seven wins no longer clear on ticket resets. 

Added a playlist tooltip to indicate that Cross Play must be enabled to access Trials.  

Trials passages only display warning message if the player account owns a ticket.

Looks balanced to me and indeed the community was look for this playlist for some time. 

The Corrupted: Nerfs and changes go wild 

Reduced the knockback buff from the "Sedia's Durance" activity modifier on Nightfall difficulty from +40% knockback to +20% knockback, which may help a few of you complete Grandmaster difficulty.  

Removed an Unstoppable Phalanx Champion from the Ransack Ogre encounter. During the Ransack Ogre encounter, an Unstoppable Phalanx Champion would spawn in the Ascendant Plane when the Ogre boss reached 50% health. That Champion was easy to miss, and you couldn't backtrack there to defeat it once you killed the Ogre.  After this Champion ruined hundreds of Platinum completion attempts, we’ve snapped it out of existence.  

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