Dota 2 International 10 format explained. No public, Valve refunds all tickets

03 Oct 2021

The International 10 is the final and long awaited Dota 2 tournament part of the great and only Dota 2 Pro Circuit started away back in the days this is the tenth edition of the International the biggest Esport event when it comes to prize. The event is returning to Dota 2 in 2021 for the first time in 10 years so there are reasons to celebrate for EU fans for the first time in years. The invite base uses qualifying regions from all Over the world including Latin America, Europe, North America, Europe, Oceania, China, Korea and Asia. This year teams from all over the world come together. This Dota 2 boosting event is what makes the game great and was delayed more than 1 year due to covid something that bothered everyone because Valve could essentially keep compendium money for 2020, lucky 2021 compendium is totally free, yes you heard right the TI10 compendium is free! Format, rules and innovative system and seeding The group format of this year is what Valve loves, all round robin groups (2 groups) where teams will be seeded one by one depending on their overall circuit points obviously. While speculation of why this format was adopted Valve cut the crap and said they are the ones making the rules a behaviour I must applaud. The format itself is fine we do not know yet who goes where but this is the biggest annual tournament and Valve made it Legendary so I trust them. This should be an epic showdown of that I’m sure! Dota 2 arena, no Sweden? No problem While Dota 2 did plan to move their tournament to Sweden, the swedish government did not allow that due to covid so Valve changed it to Romania. While it’s not a country famous for it’s great events I do believe Arena Nationala will be a great stadium for the event. We can only hope the local people there receive the pros well! Valve refunds all tickets 12 days after selling Yes Valve has cancelled all plans of a live audience since the panic in Bucharest Romania has led to the authorities to be worried ( cases are growing everyday in great numbers) the company stated that all tickets must be refunded immediately and while they are sorry about it they can’t do anything. How the International is stimulating Dota 2 Boosting and how is the boosting scene reacting? Boosting Market started with Dota 2 back in the days originally with Dota 2 MMR Boost and expanded since that to Dota 2 Calibration Boost and a customer favorite Dota 2 Low priority boosting. The reason why we invested so much in this game is that the potential is huge but we would be lying if we tell the pandemic didn’t affect us. It did. But now everything is returning to normal. Orders for Dota 2 are coming one after another and for me that’s a sign the boosting scene is alive and healthy. To everyone telling Dota 2 is dead I have this to tell you: It isn’t!
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