Dota 2 The International 10 in risk of collapse | Sweden’s Government to be blamed. Dota 2 boosting news

26 Jun 2021

The International has been organized every year since the global pandemic struck in 2020. Like many esports titles Valve was affected heavily with big losses for Dota 2 and CS Global Offensive. The major tournament is part of the Dota Major Championships and has a prizepool raised by the community to which Valve contributes a sum too. Last year The International was delayed and many people speculated where the money went, we at Boosting Market discussed that in the past in a previous article, you can check more about it there! In a time where the debate of sports vs esports raises, and some people even believe Esports should be in the World Olympic Games in Tokyo the Swedish Sports Federation did not accept esports into it’s federation which might force a change in venue by Valve from the Stockholm, Sweden’s Avicii Arena to another place yet to be announced but that will certainly boost Dota 2. Sweden’s Interior Minister cuts The International 10 legs. Government to be blamed by fans Mikael Damberg did not know what was coming for him when a few days ago as the Interior Minister of Sweden he decided to rule out Valve major “The International 10” as a sporting event. Remember that The International 10 has been postponed two times now so fans are about to lose their patience but in this case their anger is being targeted at Mikael Damberg for his conservative view of sports. Considering that nordic countries are quite familiar with Esports as a whole, some of the best organizations in the world come from Sweden (Ninjas in Pajamas for example) or Astralis from Denmark. With a vote against the event by the Swedish Sports Federation Valve tried to come to an agreement with the Interior Minister but a series of denials and the fact TI would not be directly acknowledged under the SSF closed down the possibility made the situation very difficult. The american company went as far as filing a direct appeal to the Swedish government on June 9, but still, no green light to Esports from this government that is now hated by half of the esports fans. Filled with disappointment, on the Dota 2 website you could read “We remain committed to hosting The International this year in a way that is both safe for all involved, and properly celebrates the players and fans of Dota 2,” “We will be communicating what we find out as soon as we are able. In the meantime, TI qualifiers will still be happening on the originally scheduled dates starting June 23.” How is the Dota 2 Boosting community reacting to all of this? Dota 2 MMR Boosting and Dota 2 Calibration boost have been raising in the community but the service with more orders is without a doubt Dota 2 low priority boost. We do not think fans disappointment is affecting their playtime, if anything people are even more motivated to show how big Dota 2 really is and how big of a mistake Sweden’s Interior Minister made.
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