Drama strikes Overwatch League | Overwatch boosting services expand

03 Jul 2021

Overwatch League was meant to be a revolutionary global league for the rich but now the United States of America is investigating the league for it’s salary cap that throws off the competitive status and benefits the richer teams. This was reported by Jacob Wolf and Liz Richardson in a Dot Esports that struck the community like lightning and is causing an uproar at Blizzard HQ. Progressist fans that follow and love the Overwatch League have already contested the high salaries of the players. These people is playing a video game therefore some think that they should not be paid that much and a strong salary cap should be added. Last summer it was reported Jae-Hee “Gesture” Hong was getting over 220 k per year just as a salary not counting all the other benefits. Obviously players like Jay “Sinatra” Won were probably paid even more but the numbers were never made public. We do know he won both Overwatch World Cup and Overwatch League and was MVP player in both so you can imagine the values skyrocketed. All of this is causing a big drama and the community is already hurt with Blizzard due to the game 2 year stagnation. What will be Blizzard's next step you may ask? We do not know, but surely Overwatch 2 and it’s refreshed Overwatch League will have to be different and bring more fairness to sports and esports alike. Will there be an Overwatch League 2? A revamp is coming. Sources inside and outside have mentioned that a new edition of the famous Overwatch League will come forward around the date the new game also comes out. We do not know yet when it will be exactly but we are looking for 2022 or 2023. This new edition should bring more diversity to the league and more teams. Not only that but the spectator mode, team interactions and 5vs5 shall be implemented as soon as the new Overwatch is ready and released. Also we are expecting Overwatch League to open to the public again when it comes back. Probably with Covid tests at the entrance. Not matter what the revenue it's losing close to the public cannot be taken much longer so the league will find ways to counter that. Other confirmed news by Kaplan himself during Blizzcon 2019 is that the game will be Overwatch 2 instead of the old and good Overwatch 1. Overwatch Boosting services expand Boosting Market has now 6 different Overwatch boosting services all including the streaming option ready for our clients to enjoy. We have decided to expand even further the pool of boosting services and professionals boosting too for Overwatch. We hope to achieve more people and deliver them fast and cheap top quality services as we have done in the past. With Overwatch 2 boosting approaching we are also preparing our structure for that BOOM. Rumors say it might be free 2 play, so you can imagine how elo hell will become even more hellish with something like that.
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