Everything you need to know about the New Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Flipped

05 Dec 2021

Fortnite Chapter Three Season One: Flipped is finally live up and running!  Players around the world can jump into matches as off today and explore the new map, areas, items, weapons and so much more. At boosting market we are really excited to tell you that the Fortnite Boosting season is now open! Fortnite is the prime example of doing a Battle Royale and this Chapter 3 the fine example the games need to be revived from now and then. Defeating the Cube Queen was the final grand event of the game in Chapter Two. The island went bananas and ended up flipped something that revealed a bunch of new points of interest. This new map should bring the whole player base that was losing interest in the game. New experiences always bring new people to the game, something that is great for Fortnite boosting! Not only that but Epic didn’t stop with just a map but added plenty of new mechanics and items! 

Festive season: why is the map covered in snow? 

Due to the seasonal christmas event part of the map emerges in a cold winter the main points of this part of the map are the Greasy Grove, the industrial Logjam and the Lumberyard! It was rumored that once the winter ends players might find many secrets under the snow about the famous Seven. This was revealed in a leak.  uncover secrets about the famous Seven and other places on the map, according to Fortnite leakers. However there are uncovered parts in the map. If you like warmer weather you can go to the east where you will find the tropics on their official website Epic ensures that: “With coastal keys, palm trees, and weathered sights to see. Although The Seven have outposts all throughout the Island, the tropics are home to their home, the “Sanctuary.” 

caused interruptions, however, and players will likely be faced with queues when joining.

Spider-Man joined Fortnite

The new character from Marvel to join the franchise is Spider-Man. The famous spider hero is directly connected to the new map and Battle Pass and the character even has it’s own location on the new map! Among multiple Spider-Man easter eggs in Fortnite Chapter 3 - Season 1 is the huge Daily Bugle office building! Not only fans from Marvel but also from the Battle Royale genre will experience the character to its fullest! 

Spider-Man ingame mechanics: how do they influence the game? 

Spider-Man has severely inspired some of the new mechanics of the game. The swinging mechanic was introduced alongside a sliding mechanic (the first time in the game) All these features will be available by December 11 and we can’t wait for them! Fortnite was always a game that was not afraid of taking risks! 

Fortnite new weapons list 

Ranger Assault Rifle. Made for distance

MK-Seven Assault Rifle.

Striker Pump Shotgun

Auto Shotgun.

Sidearm Pistol

Stinger SMG

Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper

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