Fortnite Season 7, Week 12 Challenges: how to complete?

29 Aug 2021

Fortnite has evolved to become the most famous battle royale game, at Boosting Market we started Fortnite boosting services back in the days and we never stopped since! EPIC has made weekly challenges a theme in the game. Every week Fortnite boosters complete new challenges that are released. Legendary Challenges have been a thing on Wednesdays, the EPIC Challenges are one day later on thursdays. As it’s normal in the Fortnite franchise there are a total of seven EPIC CHALLENGES to complete each week and completing them you most certainly will since they give a total 30,000XP on completion! These are quests that require in some case some hardcore Fortnite boosting but others can be done by you, this is why we are making this guide. The legendary challenge itself it’s a bit more complicated so we will go in detail further in the article! Fortnite Season 7 Legendary Challenge How to Complete? That Legendary quests in Fortnite are juicy everyone already knows how to complete and in each order is what most don’t! So we at Boosting Market decided to list everything for you here is the full list of Week 12 Legendary quests: Catch and colect Slone’s orders from a payphone (1) – 15,000 XP Craft a brute weapon with alien nanites (1) – 45,000 XP Destroy target dummies with IO weapons (4) – 30,000 XP Search for books on explosions (2) – 30,000 XP Deploy scanners in the alien biome (2) – 30,000 XP Collect three alien devices, then activate the countermeasure device underneath Corny Complex (4) – 30,000 XP Easy enough? Not really but that's why it’s called a legendary quest! It takes time to grind a game and unlock this type of content but hey Fortnite is free! Some games like Overwatch or COD are paid so you are much better off spending time grinding this than paying a base price to earn them. As always we rate the weekly challenges and our clients want to know how difficult they are, in the case of these legendary quests I would say they are hard but doable! Fortnite Week 12 Challenges Deal damage to Saucers piloted by opponents (300) Deliver a Saucer to Rick Sanchez at Defiant Dish (1) Deal damage to opponents with alien weapons (150) Deal damage with an Alien Parasite attached (150) Purchase from vending machines (3) Search ammo boxes at Dirty Docks (5) Hunt wildlife (3) Much easier to do but still a challenge you must complete all of these to unlock the 30 k exp points! They are straightforward in a way but difficult if you just want to have a nice time. Remember and consider that some of these are also related with your opponents so we can’t really just connect the game and get them done like that. Time will give you the challenges not skill however if you want them done faster you can buy Fortnite boosting services as they have helped a lot of people before when it comes to non wasting time weekends!
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