Gambit becomes VALORANT World Champions! VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin Grand Finals

19 Sep 2021

VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin Grand Finals the world's most prestigious Valorant event in the world conclude today with a stomp from Gambit Esports over Team Envy, previously know as "Envyus". The Russian team representative from CIS Challengers that later fought through EMEA VALORANT CHALLENGERS #3 dominated the tournament from start to end, giving a great 13-0 against Gambit and securing the spot in CHAMPIONS. The final 8 teams were Vision Strikers from Korea, Team Envy from NA, Sentinels from NA, 100 Thieves from NA, Acend from EU, G2 from EU and Gambit from CIS or EMEA a region that combines Africa, Europe, Turkey and CIS. Sentinels downfall and the end of an era Sentinels shaped world Valorant in Iceland and became the best team in the world. The fact their roster is stacked with the best players in the world helped. The team that was famous for having no coach end up losing to Team Envy in a solid 2-0 from Envy. The lack of coaching staff was deadly for them, as other teams prepared much better than they did. Now the team already qualified for Champions is looking to rebuild and bring in some staff members to help them change and shape their future. G2 the big surprise of the event G2 took down the world champions being the #4 seed of EU that was no easy feat. They beat them in the group stage in a group that had F4Q, Sentinels and G2. The group had only 3 teams and had to adapt to a double elimination round-robin since BREN ESPORTS was not able to attend due to visa issues. BREN end up joined Team Secret and securing a spot in CHAMPIONS the biggest VALORANT tournament in the world coming december. They secured this spot by beating Paper REX in the SEA CHALLENGERS and thus becoming SEA CHAMPIONS something that affected the tiebreaker. In any case G2 made it out of the group in first place and even beat KRU but end up falling to Gambit in a game that was massive. Sent home by a 0-13, Carlos better do something or is team will fail in the EMEA LAST CHANCE QUALIFIER! Gambit the winners of it all Gambit the Russian team representative from CIS Challengers became the first world champions in a 16 format. Their performances were astonishing, specially Nats the king of sentinel players elected the best player in the tournament, although he does not play duelist he carries the games. Something we believe is key to the success of the team not only that Redgar did very good even tho is posture is not the best! All in all this team was really the best and that's why they won. Now NA was sent back home with a bad taste knowing that they are no longer the strongest region but the second will they get stronger for Champions? Or ultimately be defeated as a region. Who knows for now we can only imagine what might happen.
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