Hats, Wheels, Cars, and Rocket Boosts - Top 10 most expensive Rocket League Items in 2022

24 Dec 2022

It might be a gold cap, titanium white apex wheels, or the white hat - all of these items in Rocket League became a very sought-after commodity for the same gaming community. 2022 saw a lot of expensive items in Rocket League appear on the in-game markets and the result is that competitive multiplayer game saw a resurgence in interest.

Only a handful of players might have gotten these items but the average sale price shows a very positive trend for the developers. As alpha testers work on new versions of the game and new items that will be just as valuable, the community is interested in the end of the year recap.

To help with that and see what Rocket League items made the biggest splash, here is the selection of the most expensive items in Rocket League and what will be the new item gold rush in 2023.

Customization in Rocket League

Since the start of the Rocket League competitive scene, the customization of the game has been one of its biggest appeals. That is why things like the painted versions of vehicles with additions that include golden wheels or other extremely rare elements are so popular.

To add to that, things like white hat, or gold nugget or special types of rocket boosts also provide a huge appeal to the Rocket League players. In the ongoing year, the setup remained basically the same in terms of players wanting to do whatever they can to get those goldstone wheels or some other item.

Dynamic Gaming

The customization offered in the game makes even more sense when the basic nature of Rocket League is taken into consideration. Rocket League pros, just like ordinary players, take big pride in their vehicles.

At the same time, dynamic matches make it possible for the players to show off their rides and other customization. Here, a limited rocket boost will be perfectly visible to all and a striker white apex wheels can show one's status and dedication to the game.

Streaming also plays a big part in the same process, as it also tends to showcase the most spectacular moves with the most interesting custom elements. A goal with a regular car and accessories is simply not as interesting as one with titanium white dominus car skin.

Dedicated Player Community

Players who are committed to the game of Rocket League are the ones who are willing to go the distance in terms of getting these customizations. These might not give them a competitive edge, but owning them is both a source of pride and a chance to show just how much they enjoy the game.

This is why practically any expensive Rocket League item will sooner or later find its owner. Additionally, as a free to play game, Rocket League is able to constantly entice new players to its fold. They might come looking for alpha rewards, black reaper skin or something completely different.

However, they will come nonetheless. Among them, some will be ready to invest a fortune in real world equivalent money into the game.

Big Hopes for 2023

The influx of new players is what the developers of Rocket League are looking for in 2023. They are thus always trying to focus on new fan rewards, collectible items, and many similar elements.

Furthermore, collaborations with huge titles like Fortnite are also helping immensely to keep the game's level of popularity. There is little doubt that the next year is also going to be very good to Rocket League and its in-game item market.

Top 10 List of In-Game Items

With the future of Rocket League seemingly secure and stable, many are still wondering what are the most expensive items in the game for this year. So, here is a breakdown of each most expensive item that made it to the top 10 list.

For reference point, 100 in-game credits are worth one USD.

10. Titanium White Mainframe

The very cool-looking decal represents the basics of the Titanium White Mainframe. It plays with the base colors of red and white, along with a lot of grading between the two.

This skin is valued at 15,000 credits, which boils down to about 150 USD.

Mainframe skin.

Source: https://gameriv.com

9. Gold Nugget

It is hard to imagine that an antenna would be worth over 160 USD, but that is precisely what is happening with the Gold Nugget. It is a rare item that was accessible only in the beta phase of the game.

With a silly design of an actual gold nugget on the top of the same part of the vehicle, it is still more than valuable.

Gold Nugget antenna.

Source: https://gameriv.com

8. Titanium White Octane

As one of the most popular vehicle skins in the game of Rocket League, it is not a huge surprise that this in-game item can reach 19,000 credits.

The same skin is not available in any regular outlet for in-game items, so many are prepared to buy it for 190 USD. Analysts believe that this is more than adequate for the same legendary vehicle.

Titanium White Octane skin.

Source: https://gameriv.com

7. Titanium White Dominus

With its aggressive design and a big fan base among those who love air stunts and tricks, the Dominus is an all-time classic. Because of this, the same skin will go for 23,000 credits.

That means that anyone looking to get it as an in-game item will have to cash out around 230 USD. Even for those who collect things like the alpha version items, that is a substantial investment.

Titanium White Dominus and the body menu.

Source: https://gameriv.com

6. Black Deici

Many Rocket League players believe that the Black Deici gives most to its owners thanks to the pitch-black tones it uses. However, the same does not come for cheap in the present state of the in-game items market.

These wheels will cost their new owners around 24,000 credit or 240 USD for one pair.

Side view of Black Deici.

Source: https://gameriv.com

5. Striker White Apex

This pair of Apex wheels costs a stunning amount of up to 80,000 credits. Their hexagonal pattern and overall rim design that mixes chrome and white is irresistible for many players.

That is why many are willing and ready to pay 800 USD for one of these pairs of wheels.

The apex white wheels.

Source: https://gameriv.com

4. Gold Cap

It is hard to imagine that the Goldcap item from Rocket League can cost anywhere between 1000 and 2000 USD. However, that is precisely the case throughout 2022. The coming year will likely see the gold cap rise even further in value, especially on the PlayStation version of the game.

Gold cap item.

Source: https://gameriv.com

3. Goldstone

As an alpha exclusive in-game item, a pair of Golden Wheels will reach anywhere up to 4,000 USD for the PC version of the game. In 2022, it remained one of the most important elements that is on the market and its cool gold and black design continues to captivate the community of Rocket League players.

Goldstone wheel.

Source: https://gameriv.com

2. Gold Rush

This rocket boost is exceedingly rare in the game, which gives it its highly prized status. The other side of that status is the price, which can go between 400,000 credits and one million credits.

In real-world values, that means that it is possible to pay 10,000 USD for Gold Rush boost.

Gold Rush boost.

Source: https://gameriv.com

1. White Hat

Simple and elegant, the White Hat might not seem like much for non-gamers. However, in the Rocket League world, it is the top contender for the most valuable in-game item.

Its highest price so far has been precisely 12,000 USD. With no fixed price, its value can go in 2023 even beyond the same sum!

White hat that can cost up to 12,000 USD.

Source: https://gameriv.com

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