How Boosting Can Help You Climb the Ranks in Competitive Games

31 Jan 2023

What is boosting in ranked games? And how it works in the gaming industry

Boosting is one of the most controversial aspects of competitive gameplay. Giving your account to pro players or playing with them is as old as the games themselves, but there is a catch.

Players can't agree on whether boosting is a good or a bad thing. If you're one of the players that are calmer and more strategic while playing competitive mode, the chances are that you love the boosting community. And this article is for you!

Boosting service can be a great way to improve your skillset and progress in your game.

How Boosters Help You in the Competitive Mode

In general, players use boosting for three things:

  1. To improve their rank in the game.

  2. To gain access to exclusive in-game items.

  3. To learn advanced strategies and techniques from experienced players.

To climb in the ranking system, boosters are usually playing on your account, and you can request them to stream the game for you. That way, more boosters can queue together to ensure that the skill level of their team will be significantly higher than opponents'. Resulting in faster delivery and less stress for the boosters.

Boosting Industry Revenue

If you want to gain in-game items, it's not that hard for the booster to carry you. Therefore, you can also request live coaching and speak more about the games you love playing. This connects to the third point, and that is learning new stuff.

Who Are these Boosters? And How Skilled Are They Actually?

A "booster" is a gamer who gets paid for the boosting service provided by a company to help level up or advance his customers rapidly in the game.

Boosters Make Money Playing Video Games

Source: RiceMedia

Players frequently resort to them to make rapid in-game advancement or acquire a strategic advantage. Most boosters are seasoned veterans who have mastered the game and who are helping others with.

Some boosters are actually boosting full-time as their way of making a living. An important trait of boosters is their speed and effectiveness in winning placement games, and ranked matches, gathering materials, and improving your skill group.

What is a ranking system, and what ranks do we have for different games?

Ranks are the representation of the skills you happen to have in a particular game.

Different games have different ranking systems, but most involve assigning players a numerical score or level to separate the higher ranks from the lower ones. For example, in League of Legends, players are assigned a rank based on their performance in ranked games. The ranks in this game range from Bronze (the lowest rank) to Challenger (the highest rank). And in order to rank as an unranked - if you haven't played for a while, or the new season started, you will have to play placement matches.

In Counter Strike: Global Offensive, players are assigned a rank based on their performance in competitive matches. The ranks range from Silver (the lowest rank) to Global Elite (the highest rank). Other games, such as Overwatch, also have their own ranking systems.

The matchmaking system will try to make the most matches for you to play, that way, you will never be "forever alone".

Boosters Will Win Games & Improve Your Gameplay

Boosters can provide valuable tips and guidance on how to improve your game by telling you how to optimize builds, strategies, and tactics. They can also offer advice on how to execute specific objectives, how to manage your resources, and how to effectively use different abilities. Besides destroying the enemy team, boosters can also provide insight into the meta of a game, which can help you improve your overall play. Additionally, feedback is also important when you want to level up your ranked match game.

Boosters typically do not offer coaching services, but Boosting Market is different. We offer coaching game mechanics, providing strategies for specific situations, or helping with the mental aspect of gaming.

Our boosters do not generally provide help with hardware or software issues, such as troubleshooting hardware or software problems, but you can ask them and find out!

Want to Level Up Your Game?

If you are looking to quickly improve your rank or standing in your favorite competitive games, then a boosting service is the right choice for you. Boosting services will provide you with experienced players to quickly advance your account and help you reach the rank or level you desire.

More than 13.1 percent of LoL accounts are boosted

Boosters can also provide valuable tips and guidance on how to become a better player and can provide feedback on your gameplay. So, if you want to climb the ranks in your favorite competitive games, then consider using a boosting service.

Other Questions Related to Boosting

We will cover some most commonly asked questions related to the boosting industry.

What affects your rank?

Your rank in a game is typically determined by your performance in ranked matches. Factors that can affect your rank include your win/loss ratio, win streaks, number of kills, and accuracy. Players who perform well in matches will typically rank higher than those who do not perform as well. Additionally, some games have specific objectives that must be met in order to increase your rank.

How does matchmaking function?

Matchmaking is a process used in online gaming that pairs players together for a match. The matchmaking system uses a variety of factors to determine which players should be paired together, such as the player’s skill level, language, region, and connection quality. The matchmaking system is designed to ensure that players of similar skill levels are matched together to create a more balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

What does "boosted" mean in gaming?

In gaming, “boosted” refers to a player or account that has been advanced in some way by a third-party service. This could mean that the player has paid for a service that allows them to quickly advance in a game or reach a higher level of play. Boosted players tend to have a lower level of skill in the game they are playing, and that's why the term is considered to be negative.

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