How did Fortnite boosting and coaching become so popular? Fortnite Leaks, Open World, Lebron James skin, Naruto skin.

08 May 2021

Fortnite is the most played game in the entire world. The most famous battle royale puts you against up to 100 players allowing one to play alone, in a duo, or in a squad. The game fastly rose to popularity both for casual players but also for professional players looking to make a transition from dying games. Epic pumped enormous prize pools at lan events which got people from around the world excited. Fortnite pulled what no other Esport could but it didn’t end there. Fortnite boosting and coaching started raising too at a scale we can’t even begin to describe. From children to adults, from parents and their kids. Our website started to get several orders for Fortnite Arena Boosting, Fortnite Level Boosting and even Fortnite Win Boosting and Fortnite Kill Boosting. But how can we explain this surge? Well we have met with a dozen of Fortnite boosters and ask them this exact question, they all pointed out to two persononalities: Destiny (A famous Fortnite coach) and Bugha a fortnite world champion. We will go through everything in this article! How it started - Fortnite World Cup Fortnite World Cup was supposed to be an annual competition that started in 2019 but due to convid global pandemic was canceled in 2020. The coronation of Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf as the world champion of fortnite in 2019 not only made him a millionaire at A 16-year-old but also opened the eyes for the mainstream media about how Esports can make you rich. The record-breaking $30m prize helped too. Then a surge of Fortnite coaching and boosting appeared out of nowhere. We asked a renown Fortnite booster and coach some tips for our readers, here is what he had to say: “Landing spots are crucial, defining your route is part of the process but the real grind never ends” “Training your aim in aim trainers can be the difference that’s why I am so good with Fortnite Win Boosting orders” he concluded. Fortnite Open World Leaks The world stopped in shock when Apple Law Suit hit. One of the leaks we got was that Fortnite is getting an open world mode or game! Sandbox games are a huge success just look how every GTA title is an absolute hit when it comes out. Now Epic wants to follow Rockstar steps but with a twist, making a battle-arena open world mode for Fortnite. This mode is expected to hit the live servers during Season 7 so we can assume it's coming this summer! Fortnite Lebron James and Naruto Skin A lot of people do not believe it but the NBA Legend might really come to Fortnite. Afteall Epic has show that when they want they can deliver great content with personalities like Neymar coming to the game! But now we get to know that not only Lebron James might come but also Nartuto. Speculation on this topics is open to debate obviously but Epic Fortnite boost for season 7 is not hard to belive.
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