How to collect all Arcane Items Boosting Market Guide!

14 Nov 2021

Arcane hit netflix last week and the event was a sucess with streamers watching an co-streaming for milions of viewers trully a sucess. To celebrate this Arcane offers multiple items in all Riot games including: Wild Rift, Valorant, Legends of Runterra, Team Fight Taticas an and League of Legends obviously! Boosting Market prides itself in offering boosting for some the most famous Riot games like Valorant Boosting and League of Legends boosting and there are still more to come as the website expands and offers different experiences to it’s users. Is there a place where I can see all these rewards? Yes, Boosting Market delivers you the ultimate written guide! Go directly to the point no need to watch boring videos. Some people have been asking if these rewards can be retrivied with boosting services but the reality is you can do you it by yourself for free! And they are not game related you obtain them outside the game. Do not forget to turn your hardware acceleration on on google the game will work better. 

Let’s start with the basics and for you to not lose anything. How to claim everything to begin with? Easy to follow these steps. To start collecting all items from the RiotX Arcane event first you need to connect your  ValorantLeague of Legends, Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics rewards. Riot wanted a cross game, cross world and cross platform celebration and for that you need to visit the official website:

In order to claim rewards you have to: 

Log into the RiotX Arcane page

Open the game by clicking ‘explore now’

Finish the tutorial

Select the missions of the rewards you want to unlock


Valorant — Arcane Poro Gun Buddy

Open the map

Select Killjoy’s Lab

Talk to Phoenix

Begin Killjoy’s ‘Code Caffeine’ mission

Pick up Killjoy’s notes next to Phoenix and return them to her

Select the coffee machine

Give Killjoy her coffee

Speak to Jett

Talk to Yoru and complete the quest to unlock the free Poro gun buddy

League of Legends— Arcane Capsule and Summoner Icon

Open the map

Go to Summoner’s Park

Talk to Gwen

Speak to Jhin and complete the Make a Masterpiece mission

Talk to the Shopkeeper

Return to Jhin

Complete the ‘Special Delivery’ mission after talking to the Shopkeeper


League of Legends: Wild Rift — Poro Coins

Open the map

Select the Streetside Cafe

Talk to Caitlyn and complete the ‘New Recruit’ mission

Speak to Yasuo and solve his hidden objects mini-game to complete the ‘His Cup of Tea’ mission


Teamfight Tactics — Arena Skins

Open the map

Go to the Build-A-Bot

Talk to Shisa and complete the ‘Lost in Translation’ mission

Speak to Choncc and complete the ‘Be the Very Best’ mission

Go to Duckbill and solve his mini-game to complete the ‘Puzzles and Pipes’ mission


Where are the remaining rewards? Riot Games promises even more rewards but they are yet to be announced one of the most awaited is the Jynx card in Valorant

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