How to improve in Overwatch and reach Grandmaster?

12 Sep 2021

The fact that many players worldwide have bought and installed Overwatch made it a very competitive game. This videogame mixes the best of shooters and mobas and creates a unique experience that leads to amazing matches in places like Overwatch to terrible elo hell matches that can only be solved by professional boosters. Although Overwatch boosting is undeniably the best way to leave elo hell a lot of our clients at Boosting Market want other tools to improve. With that in mind we contacted some of the best professional boosters in the game to help and give tips and tricks to improve. Is it aim? Is it game sense? Is it the hero's fluency? Is it a mix of everything? How hard is Overwatch and how can you get better at it? That's the 1 million $ question that most players ask and lucky we are here to answer. Game Sense and Ultimate economy the great trait of Hero Shooters Hero Shooters are known for abilities mixed with shooters but Overwatch also has a strong and unpredictable Ultimate economy that you must master if you want to reach higher ranks. One way to do this is watching pros, the other is studying the game and learning to know how ultimates are built and how fast. Not only this but you also need to have a deep knowledge of every ultimate in the game and with more than 30 heroes trust me you must make that effort. People that do professional Overwatch boosting for a living have studied the game over and over again that’s how they got so good. Aim and aim trainers, is overwatch aim important? Well if you are a rein main you would think it isn’t but might just be. Take team envyus for example in the second year of the game they put their tankline and backline playing DPS characters to improve their overall mechanics. This really shows how aim is important even if overwatch is kinda a mobaish game you still need to practise so how? Hit the practise range, download aim trainers like aimlab and kovak and make a name for yourself. With raw aim you can carry most games in low ranks so it’s one of the best things to do. You can play tracer or soldier 76 in order to achieve this, just give it a try and you won’t regret this was actually the most highlighted topic in our calls! Hero fluency what is? Heroes fluency is the ability and comfort you have with certain heroes in the game. Everyone says they can play all heroes but being able to play is a different story. You need to master different heroes in order to be able to play them properly. For that you must play for hours and hours and I’m talking about hundreds. A common theme in hero shooters says that you must play at least 10 000 hours of one character to be able to master it. Think about it!!!! It’s insane right? But if that’s what it takes, what are you waiting for? Hit the rank and start the grind!
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