How to play Fortnite for beginners | Boosting Market Fortnite Beginner Guide

28 May 2021

Throughout history there have been few viral games that managed to hold their own for a while before fading. Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games in 2017 that did this. Originally made as a survival game, EPIC saw the potential in PUBG and in 3 months from the release implemented the battle royale mode that boosted Fortnite. The rest is history. Fortnite became worldwide famous and more specifically Fortnite Esports became news in all mainstream media with the coronation of Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf as the world champion of the Fortnite World Cup. The american player from Sentinels result made Fortnite boosting even bigger. But how can you be good at Fortnite, and how can you improve on it without losing hours and hours stuck. How does Fortnite Arena Boosting work? And how is Fortnite Kill Boosting done without cheats so fast and cheap? We made a guide that answers all these questions and more. Enjoy! How can boosters do Fortnite wins boosting so easily? Fortnite is a shooter. You shall never forget this. Since 2017 Fortnite boosters have trained their aim on a daily basis. If you want to win more consistently you need to do the same but how? There are several mechanisms to it. First one is grind. Grind all you can as many hours as you can the more you play the better you will get but it’s not just the hours it’s also how you put the hours. To do Fortnite Boosting you need to practise everyday from 4 to 12 hours (depends on the Fortnite Booster) . They use famous aim trainers for it you can also do it even for free on platforms like steam and train by yourself! What is building in Fortnite and which type of building you have Fortnite is a unique game in the sense that you can be the best at shooting but you have to be the best at Building Mechanics too. With just shooting you can’t win, with just building mechanics you can’t win. And in Fortnite boosting, our professionals have both. There are three types of materials: wood, brick, and metal. To find them you will need to look and scavenge chest in the map before the other players catch them! Yes there is a bit of RNG involved but it’s not about what you find in the chest, it’s about how you use it. That’s the key difference between a Fortnite booster and regular player. Remember that almost all objects in the game are destructibile so that means you need to stay ready to use your axe at any given time. Defining which route to take in Fortnite Every game is a game but some routes have a bigger win rate than others. Pros study where to land and where they will finish for a reason. You need to analyse which routes and landing spots gave you the best runs and study which didn’t. This knowledge together with everything we mentioned above is the key for success in Fortnite boosting.
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