How to play Overwatch for beginners | Boosting Market Overwatch Beginner Guide

05 Jun 2021

Overwatch boosting is widely available online nowadays and many ask themselvs why spend countless hours in elo hell when you can just buy Overwatch rank boosting or other services online and what I can tell you is, they are right. Elo Hell is real and scary, once you fall there the company makes you stay there as much as they can so you can buy more and more skins and spend more and more time inside the game. Video Game companies want you to spend the most time playing their game. It's normal, we are forced to accept that but we are not forced to comply with it and that's why Boosting Market joined Overwatch boosting a few years ago. For us it was critical to give the best Overwatch boosting services available to our clients. One of our focuses is to help people leave elo hell was Overwatch placements boost. Finishing higher gives our clients a jump start ahead of Elo Hell instead of spawning and being trapped in it. Still not everyone one wants to buy boost or some want to have player in their account in their free time as well so we have decided to compile all the Overwatch fundamentals that can be taught simply and easily in a short guide and present to you the Overwatch Beginner Guide from Boosting Market. Overwatch fundamentals Teamwork Overwatch is a 6vs6 hero shooter team game. The game concept was designed by Blizzard after seeing TF2 6vs6 esports potential wasted by Valve Corporation. The idea is that a team of 6 people play with different heroes to achieve certain objectives (Although that was not always the case before there were multiple of the same Hero but after a big chaos both in and outside matches Blizzard removed that option). The fundamentals of Overwatch are the objectives. If you want to win you need to play around them, that’s the key to success. We met with boostioITwe, a professional booster that has participated in the Overwatch World Cup with his national team and he had the following to say: “A good team knows the fundamentals, the payload heals, the points get captured. If you focus on the objectives and have a good comp (2 DPS, 2 tanks, 2 Supports) you are one step closer to winning your match. Do not give up to toxic players or elo hell they will consume your mind and utterly destroy you psychological as an Overwatch boosting pro with more than 5 years experience I have to tell you a calm mind is the secret to climb the competitive Overwatch ladder” Overwatch how many heroes to master and which ones we recommend? You should master at least one of each category (DPS, TANK and Support). This way you become more versatile and can compensate for bad teammates that pick bad heroes. We recommend you to master: Soldier 76, Rein and Lucio. Soldier is the best hero if you come from regular FPS he is fast and mobile and most of all reliable. Rein is the best tank due to having a mobile shield (Opposed to orisa). Lucio is the best all rounder healer in the game since day 1 of OW.
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