How to play Rainbow Six Siege for beginners | Boosting Market R6 Beginner Guide

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game is a rare phenomenon of growth. Opposed to games that explode and then shortly drop in numbers (PUBG, Fortnite, COD) Rainbow Six Siege was able keep a constant momentum of patches and fixes for the casual community and esports community and grow slowly but steadily. The game is not beginner friendly, in a recent boosting report it was named as one of the most requested services in the market. But why is Rainbow Six Siege rank boosting so researched worldwide? And how does services like Rainbow Six Siege Wins Boosting and R6 Placements boost help the community? In this guide we will try to explain all of this while giving you the tools to improve as a starter in the game. R6 as a game is sophisticated but also has some tilting traits specific to it and a great learning curve. If you come from CSGO or Valorant like me you will find the game as almost a mix of the two but with much more depth and realism. Welcome to Boosting Market Rainbow Six Siege Beginner Guide.

First Steps

Tactical shooters are games to be played round by round this apply to many games but in R6 this gets a bigger magnitude. You need to control your mind and be able to reset after each round. You will die a lot at first but later you will start understanding the fundamentals Rainbow Six Siege Boosters use to climb. If you are losing a lot and not getting the much wanted wins it could be an aim problem or a game sense one. To identify this ask yourself what is the biggest issue with your playstyle and try and fix it!

Communication, drone and default cameras

Communication is key. Rainbow Six Siege Rank Boosting is possible due to our boosters amazing communication. Are you going alone and lurking? Do you have your mic off? This issues affect new players a lot. It is very important to know all the callouts for that you need to memorize them and sure it’s hard work but if you want to step up as a Siege player you will have to do it! Drone and R6 boosting walk side by side. Drone gives you info and it’s a top priority for you to master it. The more drones the team successfully places the more intel you have. And the more intel the more chances of winning a round. But that’s not all, default cameras and all their places are a must to know. Not only you will know where to place the best cameras but also you will know where the enemy cameras are.


If you need a moral boost we have several Rainbow Six Siege boosting services at your disposal to help you with your R6 journey. In the meantime you can follow this great guide and improve on your own but remember this is a ladder. Elo Hell is part of it. Manage your expectation and face the facts Siege is very difficult.

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