Is Rocket League getting a Lamborghini Huracan?

23 Apr 2021

Rocket League is a famous vehicular soccer game that hit an all-time Steam concurrent player record of 132,747 in March 2020. The game is huge worldwide and the community is one of the most funny and engaging communities in the world. Recently it was rumored that Psyonix was developing a partnership with the luxurious car brand Lamborghini and now we know it’s really happening! Rocket League boost, Lamborghini Huracan to the game Psyonix promised big news for 2021 and during this year we had plenty of them. The vehicular soccer game known as Rocket League is expanding its player base from soccer and car fans to super luxurious car fans with the introduction of the Lamborghini Huracan to the game as a playable car. Lamborghini Huracán STO got a very positive reception from the community. The luxury Italian car will be inclunded in a bundle that you will be able to find in the Item Shop. The pack includes not one but two sets of wheels and cosmetic decals in a format of a banner and antennas! Is Rocket League Dying? I seriously do not understand this rumor. Rocket League was never more alive! Psyonix as a whole is very respected by the people that play Rocket League. This game was released in 2015. The soccer mechanics mixed with cars never got old mostly because Psyonix was clever enough to keep updating and revamping the game to where it is now. These boosts made Rocket League one of the most played games on Steam. Data shows more than 90.5 million people played the game during March. Lamborghini's partnership with Rocket League shows the game is in a healthy state. Is Rocket League Free To Play forever? Yes, Psyonix made that decision a long time ago and it was the best for the state of the game. Consider that games with a paywall can get a decline in their player base. When a game turns Free To Play it’s player base gets refreshed on a daily basis, while a paid game needs to constantly promote its product and even so not everyone wants to pay 50 euros to acquire an online multiplayer game. I have to take my hat for Psyonix, they saw how games like Team Fortress 2 grew with this choice and they took the risk. Well done! Oh, and players that bought the game in the past also get credits in the store. Win Win! Will a Free Rocket League mobile game come out in 2021? Touchscreen-friendly version of car soccer based games sound impossible right? Rocket League Sideswipe wants to change that view. The critics say it’s impractical however Sideswipe wants to put the cars onto one single plane to make touchscreen viable. And don’t worry, the basic mechanics of the famous vehicle soccer game are all there. You will be able to score goals as you did in the last years but now from your mobile phone! This spinoff will include all the basics that made Rocket League such a huge success and will boost the franchise further!
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