K’Sante by Lil Nas X - League of Legends New Champion

28 Oct 2022

The fans of League of Legends are raving about the latest addition to the new champions selection. In this case, that is the K'Sante, a new top lane champion that offers both offensive and defensive abilities. Besides the sheer power of the new character in the League of Legends, the development also comes from a big music world collaboration. That is thanks to Lil Nas X, a hip-hop superstar who worked on the same character and brought the world what is champion K'Sante.

The gameplay and the meta will now have to adapt to this introduction to the League of Legends. Additionally, the fans of the music super star will also likely flock to the game to check out their idol's vision of a new champion K'Sante in action, which is great news for the entire domain of MOBA gaming.

K'Sante, ready for some top lane action.

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New Legends Champions

There is plenty of things to unpack when it comes to to the next champion in the League of Legends that will generate a lot of excitement and interest. Champion K'Sante is first of all a character that looks apart.

He is huge and imposing, clad in a cool purple, red, and gold outfit. On the top of his head, short dreadlocks swing, similar to the hairstyle that Lil Nas X once rocked. In terms of weapons, he wields two massive blades. These have a role that is designed to be switchable between defensive and offensive capabilities. Thanks to this, K'Sante offers a very blunt form of a tank character.

However, below the surface, Riot Games and their lead producer defined a nuanced form of a Legends champion. This is likely to come into its own only later, once the players can get their hands on this and other soon-to-be releasing champions.

Lil Nas X Ideas

It is clear that Lil Nas X had a big hand in the process of developing the new champion K'Sante. Besides the physical appearance, the top laner is also a creature of contradictions, which also very much fits into the vision of this pop star.

Riot Games clearly took the time and effort to listen to Lil Nas X and all his takes for the next League of Legends new champion. As a final result, the company and its lead producer managed to capture the essence of the rapper and also deliver an engaging addition to the new champions rooster.

Top Lane Tank Option

League of Legends are a famous title for their precise and meticulous design and balancing of heroes. The same applies to K'Sante and the abilities that this character has, but also his role inside of the wider team in which he might find himself.

At his core in terms of character narrative, the champion K'Sante is a huge guardian who is wielding mighty weapons. These are carefully crafted blades that were made from a powerful enemy and apex predator that K'Sante killed. This also makes him a the source of pride and a hero of his people. In short, he is a champion that will dominate any fight he might get into. Here is also where the biggest contradiction for this champion lies: at first, he might seem like a defensive option.

However, at the right moment, the same appearance will vanish completely. Here, the high skill of K'Sante in offensive mode comes to bear as well. This can turn his blunt weapons into a devastating force, capable of taking on other giant enemies. For a top laner, the same is a big advantage. Additionally, out of all of the matches that played out in their top lane, the same type of character can define the difference between a win and a loss.

Concept art of the new hero K'Sante.

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Damage Taker and Damage Dealer

There is a range of abilities that K'Sante offers to his players. In terms of passive abilities, he has the Dauntless Instinct, which allows him to mark monsters and enemies for a short duration.

Active abilities are also diverse. Ntofo Strikes involves him slamming his weapons for a physical damage and a slowdown effect. Path Maker: Begin Charging means that this top lane champion holds up his weapons for a short period, entering defensive posture and becoming basically unstoppable.

Footwork is the ability of this League of Legends character to dash forward, where he gains a shield for a short time. All Out is a big dealer of physical damage where K'Sante will knock back enemy heroes. In this process, any enemy that hits a wall takes even more damage and a brief period of stun as well. Working in a combination with a more diverse team, K'Sante is clearly someone who can help in his blunt form of damage dealing, but also in his more defensive stance. Both will push a team towards a victory.

League of Legends Development

There are a lot of new things cooking in the development lab of League of Legends. Up to three new champions might soon hit the LoL matches and accompany K'Sante.

However, there is no way to say how long the players will have to wait for that to happen. But, similar to Shurima locations or Oasis City, the wait will surely be more than worth it.

Celebrity Collaborations

Lil Nas X is not the first nor the last celebrity collaboration on creating a new Legends champion. New deals for such projects are in the works.

They will not only provide new top lane characters but other alternatives as well. All of them should appear in the new League of Legends releases and updates.

Future Plans for Female Champions

The public has always been very supportive of new characters appearing in the world of League of Legends. Now, however, more and more voices are calling for more female characters.

That would be an ideal chance for further collaboration with the world of pop music and other similar domains. Many modern performers would surely take a lot of pride in joining Lil Nas X in the pantheon of LoL characters.

LoL and MOBA Traction in the Gaming Community

K'Sante is clearly great news for all those who enjoy a fight in the top lane of League of Legends. But, it is also great news for the world of MOBA gaming in general.

Activities like these show that there is much more room for this exciting genre of multiplayer gaming and that LoL can still be a massive global video game hit.

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