League of Legends | Netflix releases clip of animated series | LoL Mid Season boosting Spike

11 Jun 2021

League of Legends started as a small game and since then Riot and it’s investors and video game developers have evolved it to something more. Not just a game, but a full on sport and brand. Now they have decided to expand even further to boost the franchise even higher and have partnered with Netflix to launch it’s own animated series. If you follow Boosting Market blog you will know a few months ago we discussed Dota 2 anime on netflix, well it seems that Valve and Riot are competing once again after heated discussions back in 2011 where League of Legends was deemed as a “copy of a Dota 1 mode” Valve counter attacked with the release of Dota 2 afterall seeing the success of League of Legends and doing nothing was an offense to one of the best and closest communities in the world. Now that the stakes are higher than ever after just a few months of Dota 2 anime we see a League of Legends anime clip. What does this mean to the industry, are video games art? A lot of questions we will try to answer in this article! League of Legends on Netflix On the 10th year anniversary Riot revealed Valorant and many other titles but also mentioned an incoming animated series for 2021. Fans expections were high one this one and Riot seems to want to control the whole market targeting all game genres and even animated series.When Netflix Geeked week started I do not think many people were expecting a clip of Arcane (League of Legends animated series coming fall 2021) but it appeared and in great style. The narrative revolves around a sibling rivalry between sisters Vi and Jinx the show seems to focus on the prequel of the original storyline of the main game since Jinx eyes are not pink. Riot dev diary video also portrays some interesting stuff. Arcane will focus on Jin and Vi past, that is the main plot line. This is revolutionariy for one small reason the community has thought these two characters were sisters for 10 years now, having it confirmed by Riot itself is something else.. all the predictions were proved true with this one. League of Legends Mid Season Boosting Spike League of Legends season started in January and we are now experiencing a mid season spike. As we like to analyze this type of data we have no doubts Arcane clip release had a role in this. League of Legends Division Boosting, LoL Ranked Boosting, Champion Mastery boost and much more have risen in popularity. ThreewayBoost72 one of our professional boosters had this to say: Spikes in orders can be explained by animated shorts, new patches and teasers, it’s perfectly normal. What keeps people coming to LoL is the new content, Riot is a master of keeping it’s fan base attached to the franchise” With this we can only assume fans are happier than ever with the course the game is taking. We just hope Riot keeps boosting the game as well as they did for the past 11 years!
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