League of Legends numbers go up | Twitch massive data breach puts in risk everyone

09 Oct 2021

This week was marked by the rise in League of Legends viewership on the platform Twitch due to the 2021 World Championship begin. People went bananas and got all hyped up to watch the most famous moba in the world. Not only that but this week was marked by a big scandal twitch got hacked for real and right now everyone is talking about it, they didn’t lie about it or made it look better according to people inside the company “This is as bad as it could be”. The leak involved big streams and the earnings of big streamers, also secret projects to create a new steam-like platform. Everyone started changing their passwords as soon as it was reported and people are now scared hackers might have their passwords. What we recommend is that you should change your stream key and password right now and just pray and hope for the best.

Do you think League of Legends is dying? Think again

A lot of people claim the hype is dying down nowadays but the game was never more alive. The World attracts more people but isn’t that what the Football World Cup does too? It’s only natural to see this climb. People never stop playing League of Legends. League of Legends was released in 2009. I still remember playing the closed beta with my friends, Riot as a company planned to beat Dota and man they did it. Worldwide is one of the most famous games and it’s esports scene makes it the number one Esports even if you think CSGO is bigger it’s not, the skins scheme is as far as they go with ingame drops raising the viewership the real kings of organic viewership are Riot and their games.

How many people play League of Legends and how did it grow during the time?

The first big mark for the game was 2011 where Riot reached 11 million players back then this numbers sound crazy and people never thought that in just 3 years it would capultate to 65 million players not satisfied with that Riot began a big company worldwide bringing League to all countries localizing the game and investing in marketing which made it jump to an amazing and outstanding number of 100 million players a number they have maintained during the years until 2021 and that I think they should be proud.

League of Legends Boosting by the numbers

LOL Boosting is the oldest gaming boosting profession in the world. We have been working with it for 11 years now and trust me this is one of the most motivating boosting scenes in the entire world. For years we have seen a great growth of League of Legends Division Boosting and other LoL boosting services. It is a great sign that the game is here to stay but not only that we are experiencing a return of old customers, something that shows the game can not only attract new people but also regain the trust of old players, something that makes me really optimistic about the future of the game!

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