13 Aug 2021

League of Legends boosting has risen in popularity during the covid-19 global pandemic crysis. It’s utility in helping people leave elo hell and the reward of getting a better rank has been our top priority in the last years. Riot has been creating a competitive environment and has led multiple revolutionary changes in the Summoners rift since the Rise of the Elements times but recently particularly in the past 2 seasons they tried to focus more on the base game itself with this preseason they want not only to gather the player base by attracting old school players but also attract new players to their game The changes are not meant to be gigantic, Riot is epic with the fundations that boosted the game this far so big revamps were not part of the plan at all. Changes in Dragons: did League of Legends boosting just become easier or harder? The changes related dragons are the following: Creating new terrain features that contribute to unique matches and alter how the game plays out after the map transforms Expanding the thematic possibilities of what empowers a dragon and how that empowers champions on the Rift We believe these changes make sense after all Dragons are an important part of the game. Items boosting revolution? Mythic Forge Update is now behind us After the radical change in itemization the Mythic Forge Update brought to League of Legends MMR Boost we were not expecting any changes in the near future. Now close to all champions are able to make their own sets according to their kits and capabilities. But the Mythic level just got a whole new protagonism. The changes are the following: More Mythic options for support champs Improved Legendary item options for mages, assassins, and tanks Changes in Runes, how will League of Legends MMR boosting be affected by it? To be quite honest not much. Runes have been an important part of the game and is what makes League of Legends so good and enjoyable but these changes are not critical to LOL boosting. The reworked inspiration keystones and secondary rune balance adjustments should bring stability to the metagame. Stability that is much needed. In terms of Objective bounties the following Riot focus was the following: “Give losing teams more strategic options to get back in the game through taking objectives” Progression Identity Updates Perhaps the most interesting part of this preseason update is the tweaks the system introduced earlier this year. The new badges fit like a glove and the community loved them but the community asked and asked and kept asking for Riot to integrate champion specific boosting personalization options and Riot like always did listen to the feedback. When will more news about League of Legends Preseason 2022 come out? According to several reports we will have more reports really soon. Riot said the following: “Like past years, we hope to reveal more of our plans as early as possible and have regular touchpoints prior to the changes later this year. At the very least, you can expect more Preseason info in the following places soon” And added this dates: September: Quick Gameplay Thoughts October: LoL Pls: Preseason 2022 and early PBE
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