League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels Event start date | Valorant Ruination skins & Price

09 Jul 2021

The biggest event in Riot history is set to arrive and will not only arrive for League of Legends but also for Valorant, Wild Rift, Team Fight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra. We have prepared a crew of Valorant boosting professionals and League of Legends boost pros for this occasion since the number of people interested in the games and in boosting has risen tremendously. The Rise of Sentinels dropped yesterday and is the major content multi game update that Riot has been preparing in secret. In the League of Legends boosting discord, leaks about this event were wild with people going as far as to say that Riot was planning to launch a theme park similar to World Disney or take the occasion to launch it’s official client to compete with STEAM and ORIGIN. Although such madness wasn’t the case we did have a major event dropping across several games. Here are the dates and games that will include Sentinels content: League of Legends: July 8 Valorant: July 8 Wild Rift: July 8 Legends of Runterra: July 14 Team Fight Taticts: July 21 This content entered in the patch line 11.14 and fans' reception was great. But what is this event about? And how is it impacting the video game industry? Sentinels of Light Lore A long time ago in ancient times that can be traced back to the Blessed Isles, an ancient and sacred order swore to defend Runterra from the evil and undying spirits of the Shadow Isles. The champions of the Sentinels are Akshan, Diana, Graves, Irelia, Lucian, Senna, Olaf, Pyke, Rengar, Riven and Vayne. All of these were freed by Senna in an attempt to find and finish RUined King. Now the world is waiting for the next chapter of this saga and people are starting to look for clues and easter eggs in the content. Perhaps Riot MMO is related? Is the new netflix cartoon show related? These are all legitimate questions that fans want to see answered and fast. After Sombra's release in Overwatch people have lost their patience with teasers of teasers. Riot knows people want everything now and they are delivering it perfectly. Ruination skins prices and weapons Valorant A lot of leaks from pages like Valorant Leaks & Updates on twitter started the rumors and now we have the exact thing. So many of you are asking what comes in a bundle like this and we can tell you it includes 5 different weapons (Counting a melee that looks like a badass sword!) The weapons are: Knife, Phantom, Ghost, Spectre, Guardian. Each of these 5 skins includes sounds, different effects and 3 different color variations: Purple, Gold, Green. All in all this looks like the best Bundle we have ever seen in the history of Valorant with pro players and Valorant boosters rating it the best ever. We advise you to at least give it a try! You will surely love it and that smell gesture will boost Riot Games even further!
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