League of Legends Season 12 update. What's new in LoL Season 12

07 Jan 2022

The preseason ended with a banger and as we promised Boosting market is bringing the full list of changes that Riot Games revealed in the Opening Day announcement video!!! The preseason recap is set let's talk about the changes and all the new features.

Season 12 officially launched globaly and the ranked season is out and available for everyone to play which means the League of Legends boosting boosting season is officialy out too! The new years started of League of Legends released of an ‘Opening Day’ informational vide it lasted for a whol 40-minute developer update recap of all the repvious changes in the game and features. 

Preseason Changes and all the customization options that come with it 

The video began with Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee talking about many changes Riot planned previously and execute to change the overall aspect of the Rift. Jeremy Brightmoon explained that most pre-season if not all changes are meant to fundamentally changing one part of the game, the previous offseason saw many small quality-of-life changes. The three major pre-season changse are the addition of the new Mythic Items, a new bounty system and two new new dragons. From all the pre-season changes there are two new Chemtank and Hextech Dragon that look broken as hell in terms of additions to the game in the event this reaches the final game I am expecting it to be nerfed in the future since Riot has been working on patches quickly than usual. 

Rank is back and so is League of Legends boosting

Climbing the ladder has never been easier with our League of Legends boosting season officially luanched ranked. Developers promised a return to the ‘traditional’ ranked experience and that is something that is making both customers and boosters happy alike. Brightmoon said that what happen in the previous ranked season  as the ‘ranked reset’ saw players return to almost the same rank they left of on the season is something that is being studied therefore might be or not a key point of the game in the next ranked season 

New Champions – Zeri sparky

Riot Games confirmed they will continue to add champions as time goes by and that is something we welcome. Thee team did confirm it's hard to keep everything balanced but bans exist for a reason. They stated that they hope to hit a ‘good spread’ across the roles.

The Future of Worlds and what to expect in the future 

Riot Games has finally announced the long-waited five-episode series center around pros following their carreer from around the world. The series will include Gumayusi, Kinatu, Leza, Jiejie, and Danny. Announced earlier in the year, Worlds will take place in North America as it will tour Mexico City, New York City, Toronto, and San Francisco. The worlds is the biggest esport event in the world and I cannot wait for this new format although with the global pandemic Riot might suffer from what Overwatch suffered in the third Overwatch League season. Only time will tell! 

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