League of Legends Season 12 What’s new: Ahri Rework confirmed

19 Dec 2021

Ahri is the League of Legends champion and will be getting a rework in Season 12. Riot aims to bring the Nine-Tailed Fox back into the meta and competitive / pro player; these changes were first introduced to make Ahri “feel fun and well-supported” according to the devs. Consider that the champion was neglected for a long time. The champion was the face of League of Legends for a long time and just judging by League of Legends boosting she is extremely famous and popular but has been completely out of the meta for years and years the champion was very popular with casuals and pros in the past but has fallen out of play since, we are not condemning the League of Legends devs it’s really hard to pull off this type of balance between casual play and pro play and obviously League of Legends Boosting makes that connection but when both casuals and pros drop the champion that’s when you know something is wrong. Balancing a champion for competitive and casual play will always be a nightmare, you nerf a bit, pros might stop using you buff a bit, casuals might get slayed in League of Legends Elo Hell. It can be a nightmare to get it right by luck for Season 12 Riot comes with a fix and one that aims to cover the champion's previous weakness. Ahri pick rate was 5.35% according to stats website LoLalytics her win rate was close to 50% but her old school kit was devastating and not able to compete with the advancement of the meta over time. Ahri did get a rework item in Season 11 but has remained untouched since patch 10.18. It's almost laughable if you think about it. The overhaul was needed

Riot cares, League of Legends Season 12 start

The new League of Legends season should start between 15 January and 30 January and this Ahri buff should come just in time about this much needed nerf Riot had this to say: “In the case of Ahri, we’re working on her because we believe that players who she has previously resonated with aren’t enjoying her as much anymore. The goal is [to] make her feel fun and well-supported,” he added on Reddit. “This is also the same justification being used to support Janna’s upcoming rework ⁠— which has been delayed toLeague of Legends patch 12.2 in late January”

What other champions might need a rework?

League of Legends boosting has been able to identify some of the game core flaws like the existence of elo hell. Our professional League of Legends boosters consider that some champions need reworks for Season 12. Among the champions that need more help is Master Yi, again the problems with Master Yi affect both casual play and pro play. This is a champion that can easily ruin games for people that are smurfing and one our clients have difficulties against. His kit is too simplistic and abusive and the champion overall kit needs to be overhauled or people will start to complain more and more as time passes. This issue should be fixed in 2022 or Riot is sleeping makes no sense to have a Champion in this state.

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