LEC Spring 2021 Playoffs Week 1 Recap. Who will take the title?

29 Mar 2021

League of Legends boosting memorable matches is not a surprise for anyone and the LEC Playoffs run so far is beating all expectations. The question that remains for most people is: Which team will win LEC 2021 Playoffs? The group stage was full of amazing matches and fans are eager to see who will have the dream playoff run. In this article we will cover everything you want to know focusing on the last week of games. The undisputable favorites G2 the favorites to win it all have advanced to the winner’s final and although this is no surprise the LEC Playoffs still offered great matches. G2 brought Rekkles from Fnatic in the offseason and the undisputed favorites become even more solid at least that’s what we can take from their display against FC Schalke 04 and the regular season. The move didn’t break their momentum and we can surely say it boosted their roster with the team finishing top of the group in the split. Although G2 Esports did lose to FC Schalke 04 in the regular season, G2 came more prepared and beat them 3-1. Rising to the occasion again G2 now has to face Mad Lions in the winner finals. The big disappointment Now let’s talk about the huge upset of this week. If you have been following the scene you will know Rogue boosts a serie of good players and was virtually one of the favorites to take it all. To a point where it is sometimes hard to pick between Rogue and G2 Esports. Well they went to the losers bracket pretty badly against Mad Lions this week. After a good start they let Mad Lions take charge of the series and their playoff run is now at risk. Courage and determination Fnatic might start in the lower bracket but they are here to try and make a run for the title. They took over the series against SK Gaming early. Boosting a mix of a good draft, early skirmishing and plays they entered the playoffs in a position of power and they gave it all. They did lose the second game to SK Gaming but that was the only game that SK would win in the playoffs. Fnatic recovered their confidence and just took the rest of the series in fashion with a 3-1. Considering that this team lost Rekkles and had a covid case that potentially affected their performance in the last 2 weeks, this win will no doubt boost their morale. Will Mad Lions consistency win them the title? League of Legends boosted several upsets in the past so I think it’s possible we might see one in the winner finals. It’s G2 Esports vs Mad Lions and every outcome is possible. The lions have been fairly consistent throughout the season, boosting good results all around. And they were also the first team not counting G2 Esports and Rogue to lock a playoff spot. I know experts say G2 play style counters Mad Lions but League of Legends coaching exists for a reason and Peter Dun (Mad Lions Head Coach) will have his hands full preparing this final.
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