New Valorant NA LCQ Schedule after covid fiasco

20 Oct 2021

After the NA Last Chance Qualifier debacle a post on the Valorant Esports blog NA’s LCQ will be resuming on Wednesday, October 27th. The event won't be reset or restarted instead all matches will continue to the point where the tournament was and players are not upset about it either they are just upset things had to reach this state. At the end of the day the results from day 1 will remain in effect, and the first match of the new schedule will be between FaZe Clan and Rise.

The following is the new schedule and dates for the NA LCQ for Valorant Champions.

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 27

Match 4: FaZe Clan vs. Rise (12:00 PM PT).

Match 5: Version 1 vs. Cloud9 Blue (3:00 PM PT).

Match 6: Match between Winner of FaZe/Rise vs. Winner of Version1/Cloud9 Blue (6:00 PM PT).

Day 3 – Thursday, October 28

Match 7: Gen.G Esports vs. Luminosity Gaming (12:00 PM PT).

Match 8: Match between Loser of FaZe/Rise vs. Loser of Version1/Cloud9 Blue (3:00 PM PT).

Day 4 – Friday, October 29

Match 9: Loser of Match 6 vs. Winner of Match 7 (12:00 PM PT).

Match 10: XSET vs. Winner of Match 8 (3:00 PM PT).

Match 11 – Upper Bracket Finals: 100 Thieves vs. Winner of Match 6 (6:00 PM PT).

Day 5 – Saturday, October 30

Match 12 – Lower Bracket Semi-finals: Winner of Match 9 vs. Winner of Match 10 (12:00 PM PT).

Match 13 – Lower Bracket Finals: Winner of Match 12 vs. Winner of Match 13 (3:00 PM PT)

Day 6 – Sunday, October 31

Grand Final Best-of-5 – Match 14: Winner of Match 11 vs. Winner of Match 13 (12:00 PM PT).

Broadcast team infected with covid true or lie?

During this day we were not able to confirm the broadcast team thus it was not yet finalized we don't know why. Rumors of the casters having false positive tests for covid are also not verified and thus should not be taken seriously.


In other news Georges Geddes stated that teams were notified of these changes the morning of October 19th and the evening of October 18th at the earliest based on information provided to him by a source. Geddes stated that this information was not passed down to coaches and players that are participating at the event. With no further stress teams have started rescheduling amendments of the Valorant NA LCQ. Unfortunately games will be played online instead of offline something that will surely affect everyone since players will not be on even ground.


Valorant Boosting and it's consequences

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