New World boosting leveling guide by Boosting Market

01 Nov 2021

New World is an open world MMO PC game from Amazon Games that has conquered audiences all across the world. New World boosting services like Leveling, Expeditions, Farming, Professions and Outpost Rush boosting are skyrocketing so we decided to make the best guide on the web with everything you need to know about grinding the game and getting the highest possible level and rewards! We have combined all information available to create the ultimate New World leveling guide. When you understand the benefits of New WorldLeveling boost in when you start to get a feel for the potential of the game in the long term.

What are the town projects and how to use it to grind XP? 

New World boosting level is easy when you learn the importance of town missions. When a Town Project begins the settlement's Town Project Board gains multiple quests that players can participate and compete in. Finishing these quests contributes greatly to the  progress that has to be made to complete the settlement towards the completion of the settlement. However the XP gained from Town Missions has been nerfed since the closed beta. Still when you have so many of these Town Missions and how easy they can be done makes it easy to gain xp and level up with New World Leveling boost. 

New World Weapon XP Farming and how to get it fast? 

From all the three different leveling systems available in the New World boosting universe perhaps one of the most requested is the Weapon XP farming. This can be achieved in our New World Boosting service called “New World Expedition boosting”. In this service one of our professional New World boosters will enter your account with a safe VPN connection and complete the Expeditions you want. There are 7 in total and they include Amrine Excavation, Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, Starstone Burrows, Lazarus Instrumentality and The Depths. Consulting the official New World reddit will surely give you some help too on how to complete each of these expeditions so go and have a look! 

What are the recommended levels for each expedition? We have stated them all for you. 

Amrine Expedition – Level 25 players, located in Windsward. 

Starstone Burrows – Level 35s can enter this New World boosting dungeon in Everfall 

The Depths – Level 45s may enter this New World expedition boost their way to the Restless Shore.

Dynasty Shipyard – One of the first end game dungeons you can enter around level 55, located in Ebonsclae Reach.

The Lazarus Instrumentality – level 65 / end game players can venture into Reekwater, where you will find the Lazarus Instrumentality.

The Garden of Genesis – level 65 / end game players can venture into the heart of the Edengrove, home of the nature-based enemies in the game ( New World Boosting advised) 

Updating core attributes and leveling rewards 

While raising your character level in New World you must upgrade your core attributes. For that there are several milestones and leveling rewards in the New World

Level 5: 2nd Weapon Slot

Level 10: 1st Bag Slot

Level 15: 1st House, and 3rd Quick Slot

Level 20: Ring Slot

Level 25: 4th Quick Slot

Level 30: 3rd Weapon Slot, and 2nd Bag Slot

Level 35: 2nd House

Level 40: Earring Slot

Level 45: 3rd Bag Slot

Level 50: Invasions

Level 55: 3rd House

Level 60: Outpost Rush

How to level up your Trade Skills with the help of New World Leveling Boosting

As we mentioned before from the three different leveling systems perhaps one of the most important is the New World Trade Skill leveling. Not only character level and weapon mastery is important but Trade Skills are a whole new way of leveling up. Every character has 17 Trade Skills and each of these can be individually leveled up. Similar to weapons where you can upgrade different level types. You level up a Trade Skill by using that skill overtime. As off right now we offer services to help you in your leveling duties if in the meantime you want to get some of this progress done these are the Trade Skills and how to level them up. New World Crafting boosting is very much usefulls in this case. 

We have created this New World crafting guide for you. You should also consult an online New World crafting recipe with all the possible options available.  

Weaponsmithing: Craft weapons at a Forge

Armoring: Craft armor at a Forge or Outfitting Station

Engineering: Craft ranged weapons or ammo at a Workshop, or melee weapons at a Forge

Jewelcrafting: Craft jewellery at an Outfitting Station

Arcana: Brew potions and craft items at an Arcane Repository

Cooking: Cook food at a Campfire or Kitchen

Furnishing: Craft furniture or storage chests at a Workshop

Smelting: Refine items at a Smelter

Woodworking: Refine items at a Woodshop

Leatherworking: Refine items at a Tannery

Weaving: Refine items at a Loom

Stonecutting: Refine items at a Stonecutting Table

Logging: Chop trees with a Logging Axe

Mining: Mine rocks with a Pickaxe

Fishing: Catch fish with a Fishing Pole

Harvesting: Gather herbs and plants

Tracking and Skinning: Skin animals with a Skinning Knife

To accompany you at all times you must have a good New World crafting calculator. This is mandatory. This is the type of resources you can search online and are determinant for New World crafting leveling. 

New World leveling Engineering how to do it? 

New World Engineering is a crafting Trade skill that allows players to craft ranged weapons like Bows and Muskets. Not only that but ammunition can also be crafted. Higher levels in Engineering allow players to craft better and stronger weapons and help to increase the Gear Score of the Weapons

New World Arcana Leveling what is and how to do it properly

Arcana is one of the seven most important crafting based trade skills that you can choose in the New World This skill focuses on crafting magical weapons, potions, ice gauntlets and pretty much everything really to boost alchemy. We are talking about super important items that will be used in combat so surely it’s something you will want to get into. To get all the items will be time consuming but in order to do a proper New World Arcana Leveling fast you must do it! Here is the list of items you will need: 


Tier 2 and Tier 3 Magical Plants

Fresh Water

Steel Ingots

Tanglewisps (~100)

Water Motes

Coarse Leather

Hyssop (50-60)

What is the New World Mining Boost? New World mining guide 

Mining is a gathering skill in the New World used to gather ore, stone, oil, gems, motes, and some craft mods. It requires an equipped pickaxe. First of all, to start mining you must craft a pickaxe. The pickaxe must be crafted at the workshop, you will find one at the settlements and there are plenty of those. With higher quality resources come higher quality New World mining gear like pickaxes so obviously you need to grind it out or get a New World mining bot that does that for you! I have come across several in the New World discord so make sure you check it out! In order to achieve the best quality! Here is a list of the pickaxes perks: 

Flint: 100%

Iron: 125%

Steel: 250%

Starmetal: 400%

Orichalcum: 625%

New World mining spots tracking resources / New World mining farm 

Perhaps the best spots to mine are Everfall, First Light and Windsword. Farm as much as you can to earn as much as you want. New World boosting cheap is now a reality with multiple boosters across the globe so we do recommend buying this service for New World mining farming specifically. Why waste hours when you can get to the level you want faster and easier! That’s my take at least. 

New World leveling logging: what is the best strategy? 

First 100 ranks of Logging will be hard but there is always a way around everything. Use Iron tools to get your Iron Logging axe. This is one of the best strategies to get it done faster. Get ready for a boring journey since the first 100 levels are super dull. Use a Fire Staff, Rapier, Great Axe, Bow, or Hatchet to speed this up and most important shop down mature trees although you will only be able to do it so when you reach level 50 you should look for them at all times and chop them down. Also remember that if your character is high level using Starmetal or Orichanlcum tools are preferable. 

What is the New World level cap?

New World level up fast is among the most searched things online nowadays related to the game. A lot of people also ask a lot what is the level cap of New World and right that number is 60. This means the maximum level you will reach no matter the XP is 60. Only at level 60 the content end-game will start and with that all options both from PvE and PvP will open up to you.