Operation Crimson Heist in Rainbow Six Siege boosts concurrent players to an all time peak

25 Mar 2021

Since Operation Crimson Heist came out in March Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege boosted it's player base considerably reaching 201,053 peak on steam and even surpassing trending games like Apex Legends and PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS in the steam charts.This surge and sudden boost is caused by the much needed features that were introduced in the twentieth expansion of the game by Ubisoft. In this article We will go through each of the features that I consider responsible for the boosting in Rainbow Six Siege player base the last few days. New Operator: Flores Santiago "Flores" Lucero, is an Attacking Operator introduced in the Operation Crimson Heist expansion. He has a series of explosive drones and right off the bat we can see sinergies that boost his potential with other operators, like Maestro's Evil Eyes or Melusi's Banshees. The argentinian is also remarkably the first gay character in the game a feature that sparkled fans curiosity across the world. Map Rework - Border Not what fans were expecting maybe, but this rework is more than welcome. Rainbow Six Siege efforts to boost Border pick rate might be exactly what the map needed. Some of the major changes include a new balcony above Lobby, less penetrable walls and the overall appearance is now much more enjoyable. New secondary Weapon - GONNE-6 Rainbow Six Siege boosting it’s weapon arsenal is nothing new. GONNE-6 is a hand weapon that deals light damage to Operators and fires a single explosive round that destroys gadgets. GONNE-6 takes up a Secondary Weapon Slot. New battle pass - The best we had in years We are used to Rainbow Six Siege boosting great content but Operation Crimson Heist battle pass is just on another level! 100 tiers across a free and premium track. Each tier rewards players with exclusive customization items, Alpha Packs, currency packs, and boosters for a total of 135 rewards. Match Replay - A breakthrough for Rainbow Six Siege Match Replay is the much awaited replay system for R6. It started testing during Operation Shadow Legacy and was now released in a beta format in Crimson Heist. The spectator mode featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege boosts several features including the ability for the player to replay the 10 last matches and save up to twelve locally. Players will be able to spectate from both first-person and top-down. From any player and any angle! You can also go forward and rewind to any point as you like. Ubisoft has stated that the feature will eventually support functions such as storing match replays on the game server instead of locally, sharing matches with friends, and downloading and watching replays from esports matches similar to CSGO. Reputation System - Morality featured implemented Rainbow Six Siege reputation system wants to boost the quality of games. In order to discourage toxicity Ubisoft is implementing a system that promotes positive behavior and discourages negativity. Players that don't comply will get warnings and reputation loss for their immediate actions. By contrast, players with a high reputation score will be given awards.
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