Overwatch 2 Season 3 promises Big Changes after a Rough Post-Launch Period

27 Jan 2023

Overwatch 2 is in full swing after hitting the market several months ago. Many of its players are scrambling to get their Season 3 battle pass, but at the same time, some major issues still remain.

These include not only the upcoming new content, but also the way the developers from Blizzard actually communicate with the massive player community. Previously, that was a big stumbling block and now presents itself as one of the more interesting challenges for the entire Overwatch 2 ecosystem.

However, having in mind the seriousness of the company behind the competitive multiplayer game, most analysts are certain that all previous problems are more than fixable. Furthermore, the team at Blizzard seems to be really listening to its players for the first time in many months.

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Hard Launch

The appearance of Overwatch 2 is now notoriously famous in the wider gaming community. During the autumn months of 2022, Blizzard launched their new sequel of the incredibly popular Overwatch series.

However, right out of the gate, Overwatch 2 came across many problems. Its servers went down and players could not access their accounts.

The same impacted the current live game matches as much as those in the waiting rooms. Quickly, Twitter threads formed about these problems and related topics.

The fallout from the choppy launch was likely one of the biggest blunders that the same game series had so far. However, the Overwatch 2 team decided to pull together and try to mend as many of these problems as they could. Now, upcoming content should be another big step in that overall correction.

Season 3 Facts

The new season of Overwatch 2 should begin somewhere in early February 2023. So far, the Blizzard approach was to see a season list around nine weeks, or just over two months.

The developers confirmed that the new season will not introduce a new hero to the game. Instead, the new character should go live in Season 4. However, there are still plenty of developments that the players can look forward to.

Season 3 will introduce a new map, which Blizzard's team put a lot of effort into. It should spice up the gameplay of Overwatch 2, which has been in dire need of a stronger shakeup, according to many.

Besides that, the game will offer a number of tweaks and balancing changes, covering things like passive ability statistics and unique passive ability stats for most heroes. These and other major balancing issues should be fully solved in Season3, at least when it comes to the more prominent problems.

Issues Regarding dps ultimate charge rates

DPS players and others who focus on the very minute elements of the competitive experience are likely going to follow-up on any changes in Overwatch 2. The new competitive season will quickly show just how effective they were.

While it is a safe bet that there will be few completely satisfied players - like always - the changes of Season 3 should turn into something that is positively affecting players’ enjoyment. The same should also offer more balance and less incentive for players to branch out into other competitive games and the new battle pass for the upcoming season.

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Content Creator's Concern

Among the problems that the Blizzard team faces is the fact that content creators are slowly pivoting away from Overwatch 2. That is a huge potential marketing and PR problem for the gaming series, as it needs, like any other big game, a strong streaming platform following.

Yet, this also feeds into the wider problem of communication between the people making the game and those playing and streaming it. However, Blizzard and more precisely its executive producer Jared Neuss feel that a solution can be created in the coming weeks.

Blizzard Promises

Recently, Blizzard acknowledged that there is a big problem in the way that the developers communicate with their player base. That might be related to Twitch drops programs, or issues like specifically tank mains, but in any case, the players feel there is not enough clarity or direct contact with the developers on any of these topics.

Executive producer Jared Neuss agrees wholeheartedly. During a discussion on Twitter, Neuss explained that presently, there is no central system for communicating with the fans and players. Instead, he broke down the paths of contact into several ad-hoc systems.

First includes the developers basically saying nothing about ongoing projects, like new heroes or more ultimates. The second includes developers talking directly to fans through social media like Twitter, but these are both hard to find and often address only small elements.

Last path is the long-form of blog posts which usually detail a lot of stuff about long term plans, but almost no ability for actual two-way communication. Neuss believes that Blizzard can and will change this soon.

Clear Lines of Communication

According to Neuss, the company plans on introducing regular weekly or biweekly communication sessions. These should also likely include some form of question and answer system, so that the players can get additional clarity on things that interest them.

Neuss stated that the company had a range of other priorities but that now great people are working on that new communication system.

The same concept is excellent news for everyone involved in the Overwatch 2 community, being that it will finally set up a mechanism that will allow the players to stay informed as they play the game.

The same should also help with the process of attracting people to the Seasons 3 and 4 battle pass, as many will not only appreciate the additional info from the developers, but also see this as a chance to get back into the game.

Of course, the streamers are likely not going to be completely satisfied, but all these decisions from the developers at Blizzard are more than welcomed among the Overwatch 2 player base.

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