Overwatch 2 shift to 5vs5 teams; Overwatch Live shows new maps, agents and game mode

22 May 2021

Overwatch Boosting orders had a spike yesterday with the announcement of Overwatch 2. People went crazy with the possibility of getting their accounts ready for the biggest singular event Overwatch has ever witnessed. After Jeff Kaplan leaving the game last month fans were shocked with what that meant for Overwatch. Now we know why he left. Jeff most likely did not agree with the directions the game was taking but what news did we get in the Overwatch 2 Developer live with over 2 hours the other day? Tanks can be brawlers, PVP will be 5vs5, New maps revealed, new abilities revealed, more new hero looks, new game modes. In this article we will go through this and the big changes coming for maps and team compositions presented by the new director himself Aron Keller. How will Overwatch League franchises hold up? Was this done to save money? Is Overwatch dead? At boosting market we bring you the biggest highlights of the Overwatch Live! Find everything below. Overwatch 2 Devs Livestream - Biggest Highlights Overwatch was always a complicated game to follow and even to play. The success of Overwatch Boosting orders speaks for itself. People loved the lore, people loved the characters but the game itself was not ready for competitive with an obsolete mode of 6vs6 inspired by the TF2 competitive scene (TF2 is a spiritual sucessor of Overwatch according to Jeff Kaplan) but without the famous 5CP mode. This created an imbalance for everyone. Teams had to pay extra salaries, buy extra rooms and fight to get a 6 man roster ready for competitions while tournament organizers would also complain about the fact their events are ready for 5 players not 6 since Dota 2, League, CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege and many more games are made for 5 players. Will my boost rank and progress gained during Overwatch Boosting orders move to Overwatch 2? Yes absolutely Blizzard says all progress will go through from Overwatch 1 to 2. Not only that but cosmetics and levels will also go through!The devs also show new maps and agent looks. The maps look more linear and simple to follow and the hero's new looks are just amazing. All progress you gained during your Overwatch boosting order will be kept once you begin your Overwatch 2 quest. Overwatch community reaction to 5vs5 All in all we at Boosting Market believe these are great changes but the community was utterly disappointed, a lot of players will lose their jobs and teams will fell apart. The community on reddit and twitter follow into chaos with players saying they would lose their jobs and people threatening to quit the game and move to Valorant and other games.So how will this help aside logistical and economic improvements? The game for the general followers will also get much easier to follow and this is key for Overwatch League viewership. An easy game to follow is a game that will triumph in the long run and can attract new audiences to watch it. But the HUD and UI also needed a revamp and they also delivered on that make it simple to watch and follow.
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