Overwatch League 2021 Playoffs bracket out! Tier List: Who will win?

06 Sep 2021

The Overwatch League official 2021 playoff bracket has finally arrived after some hard months for Blizzard and the league itself and a global pandemic and sexual scandal that almost blew everything to dust. Your favorite Overwatch League teams will be fighting for glory in the grand playoffs finals of the year 2021!!!!! With the bracket set in stone we are looking to see who should get further and who shall fall earlier. The playoff itself starts on the Sept 21 but the whole atmosphere is heating up in the last few days. How does the system work and why is it so confusing? Well the three highest seeds in the Overwatch League playoffs which are Dallas Fuel, Chengdu Hunters and Shanghai Dragons get to select their opponents with lower seed. This ranges from Atalanta Reign, to San Fransisco Shock ( One of the best franchises in years), Washington Justice and Philadelphia Fusion. The Los Angeles Gladiators were left to the end as they will face the remaining team that does not get picked if you ask me if the format is weird but I think it also looks nice.So which teams have the bigger chances of advancing and winning it all? We at Boosting Market have selected the teams with the highest chance? You need to look at a season for it’s longevity. Overwatch League boosts a format where teams compete in a long term league; this is not your typical CSGO major style. A lot of analysts don’t have this in mind if you participate in a league like this you are guaranteed to get tired along the way something that might cause your team to drop their performance still I think Shanghai Dragons and Dallas Fuel are favorites for different but it’s important to point out even if you are just an Overwatch boosting client or a betting enthusiast: Leagues are different from single tournaments so don’t look at them as if they are the same because they are clearly not! Shanghai Dragons The Shanghai Dragons had once again a perfect season, winning 2 big tournaments and setting themselves as a dominating team in the eastern region. Their chances in these playoffs are high to say the least. From the worst team in sports to the best Overwatch League team, that's a narrative I want to see finished! Watching this team is like watching Overwatch boosting. They are just amazing and clashing with the western division should give us all a good spectacle. Dallas Fuel Dallas Fuel is a Cinderella story but will it end as good as the Disney classic? The team reached the end of the season completely exhausted. RUSH the Head Coach of Dallas Fuel confessed the team is practicing less right now something that is worrying the fans but he made it very clear it was for a good reason. The staff is tired, the players are tired, the team needs to regain their strengths if they are to win their first ever Overwatch League title.
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